Big improvements, Big screens for Apple Watch 4

November 13, 2018, 3:56 pm

   The Watch now comes with larger displays, an electrocardiogram and a thinner body than the Series 3.But the one thing
AppleTechnology company
didnt improve was the Watchs battery power life.Still, for the average consumer, this is absolutely the
AppleTechnology company
Watch to get.
   Apple (AAPL)
CEOChief Executive Officer
Tim Cook took the wraps off of the $1 trillion-companys newest
smartwatchA smartwatch is a wearable computing device that closely resembles a wristwatch or other time-keeping device
on Wednesday.The Apple( Watch Series 4, which goes on sale Sept.21 starting at $399, is the first major upgrade to the device since it debuted in 2015.
Big improvements, Big screens for Apple Watch 4


Bigger screen, thinner body

   For the Series 4, Apple has completely changed its case sizes.Previous Apple Watches were available in 38mm and 42mm sizes.I wear the 42mm Series 3 and it sits perfectly on my wrist.Now, be that as it may, Apple is offering the Apple Watch in 40mm ($399) and 44mm ($429).The Series 4 also has an edge-to-edge display, meaning theres far more screen real estate.
Alternate Title: Apple Watch Series 4 hands-on: Big screens, big improvements

   Despite the increased sizes, the Series 4 still fits nicely.It didnt feel much larger than the Series 3, but the 44mms screen looked far bigger than its predecessors.once I strapped the Series 4 to my wrist it felt like I was just wearing a screen, which is exactly what Ive always desirable from a smartwatch.
   Apple has put that larger screen to work, too, by creating new watch faces that support the Series 4s edge-to-edge design.Now complications, such as heart rate, calendar and steps, curve about the screens corners.The smaller screen on the older Watches made that impractical.Photos, something that you could already view on the Series 3, look far improved on the Series 4 thanks to its increased display size, as well.

   View photosThe Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a vibrant edge-to-edge display.MoreIf you were holding out on the Apple Watch in view of the fact that you thought you wouldnt be able to see anything on its relatively small screen, the Series 4 might be the solution.Theres so much information packed on the the display its incredible.
   And yet, the Series 4s body is thinner than last years model, making it feel flatter once you wear it.Apple says the 4 measures in at 10.7mm thick, while the Series 3 is 11.4mm.That might not sound like a big change on paper, but when you wear the Watch everyday, it could create an appreciable difference.
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   Thankfully, Apple isnt looking to gouge previous Apple Watch owners when it comes to the Watchs bands.So, if you have an earlier generation Watch with a band you absolutely love, you may still use it on the Series 4.


A new crown, fall detection and heart health

   Apple also added a new Digital Crown to the Series 4.Now when you scroll through a list with the dial, youll feel a small tick of haptic feedback.Apple says the
featureSpecial attraction
makes it easier to scroll through lists, and you know what, the company is right.I regularly find myself lost items when using the Digital Crown on the Series 3.It just feels too smooth.With the Series 4s haptic feedback, you can truly feel when you are scrolling through a list, which should make it more difficult to skip items.
   Apple has also upgraded the gyroscope and accelerometer to be able to detect when the wearer falls, slips or trips.Apple wouldnt let me fall while wearing the Watch in the hands-on area, and no matter how much I asked an attendant to trip me he wouldnt, so I cant say how well this feature worksyet.
   The idea behind fall detection is to provide emergency support if you go down and cant get back up.If the Watch detects that youre immobile for 60 seconds behind you fall, it will automatically call emergency services and send a message to your emergency contacts.
   View photosThe Series 4 now provides haptic feedback when scrolling through lists with the Digital Crown.MoreStory Continues
   Apple is also charging into the medical realm with the inclusion of an FDA-approved electrocardiogram.Using the ECG app, which will be available in the U.S.later this year, a wearer can determine if they have an abnormal heart rhythm.It works by using an electrical current in the Watch itself.When you press your finger against the Digital Crown while wearing the Watch, you create a closed circuit that can measure your hearts rhythm.
   This is may be the most important step up for the Apple Watch, as it helps move Apple closer to the medical field.The Apple Watch is already being used in medical studies, and this just took the company to the next level.
   Unfortunately, the application wasnt available during my demo, so I wasnt able to test it out for myself.
   View photosThe rear of the Series 4 has a new heart rate monitor.MoreAll of this is powered by the Apple Watchs new S4 chip, which Apple says is two times faster than the S3 chip found in the Apple Watch Series 3.During my demo, the Series 4 proved responsive, but I was only using a demo unit.So Ill have to wait until I get my hands on an actual retail device to know how much faster it is than the Series 3.


Battery life

   The one thing Apple didnt seem to improve upon when it comes to the Series 4 is the Apple Watchs battery life.The company says that its latest wearable will get the same 18-hour battery life as the Series 3.Thats a disappointment, especially if you were holding out for this years model with the hope that you could use it for longer without having to recharge it every night.
   To be fair, I get about two days out of the Series 3 before I need to recharge it.I also have the Watch set so that I dont receive certain
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
notifications, which saves on battery life.Still, if Apple wants more people to drop $399 or $429 on a smartwatch, it needs to improve that battery life.
   The Series 4 certainly has the makings of a worthwhile smartwatch.But Ill have to hold off on making any recommendations until I get my hands on one for more than a few minutes.
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