before going to Miami someone needs to explain to

November 23, 2021, 12:24 pm
before going to Miami someone needs to explain to
before going to Miami someone needs to explain to me how to flex my NFT collection in real life. Like what do I do? Print all of em on a tshirt?

You like that 2-prop? Wait till you see my no-liner

Nah man, all in the subtle flex. To create an air about you that people come to YOU, asking if you have any NFTs. Gonna be a fun weekend :)

Step 1: buy The Refresh. Step 2: buy a refresh magic coffee mug Get a smart watch and use them as background

Approach a random person with your phone and flick through them like its cash. Its creepy at first but might catch on pretty much like moves like Jagger.

Keyrings and lanyards, easy

Hi Patrick. I can print them on t-shirts if you like. Could be one on a tee or a collage of your favourite serie. The qr code comes on the sleeve. Check Just use your outside voice. Nice and loudly for those in the back. Theres this Business Card with a Qr Code that leads to your Low-key Flex is the best flex

First we had art. Then art becomes digital. Now digital art authenticity and ownership can be verified. Soon we will be meeting virtually in the metaverse as our avatar nft. We will own virtual land/houses that we can invite people over and flex our collection.

This ;) but I guess you`re too German to wear this kind of bling There`s a television they use in installations a lot, Ill dig up the name. AR is optimal though. Why we were planning to do one.

Cutisaurus CNFT lives on Augmented Reality life.

We just need to invent the 3D holographic display device that links to any smartwatch. We solve this problem AND we make smartwatches useful for once

Apple Watch - makes it worth more than almost any Rolex with the right NFT

put them in a wallet address and get the QR code tatooed on your lower back, so when people want to see them...

a Cardano legend here needs some Miami CNFT SWAG tipsIf this aint destiny I dont know what is!!

Id say a button that says ask me about my NFTs. If you did it right it might be adorably dorky lol

We need a Zerion type app for Cardano so we can show our NFTS on our Apple Watch, if you are in that ecosystem.

Really need to work on this market. T-shirts with digital screens built into them to display nfts If you need to flex in real life, youre ngmi

You just pull up in your Lambo, duh When the guy with the Lambo is outflexxed by the NFT degenerate, you know the world is healing!

Use a universal remote to hijack all the TV feeds in the bar. PS: best bars in Miami The Left Hand Bar The Electric Pickle Do Not Sit The Delano (back bar) LIV Saturday at Fontainebleu The Edition underground level

Full UNSIG body suit. DO IT Yeah just walk around with a QR code to your pool address. Panties will drop

I mean, if u wanna get married I know a few special places in Miami to go to.. just make sure you have a stack of single dollars.

Just get the gold chain with the LED display for your punks, bruv.

"Hi, I`m Patrick. wanna see my 178 unsigs"? "Yes & please marry me!" That`s exactly how every single conversation will go. You know I`m right.

You literally just yell that you own nfts every chance you get. People will love you, trust me.

Just go up to random groups and open the convo by saying I have (insert NFT) instant popularity

Open a museum in your house.

I love you, too, sire.

@Orbital_Lexicon (except for you of course)

Tobler T`s should be a thing.

I have the feeling that flexing your NFT collection to the general public will get the same reaction I get when I say I`m a mathematician: people usually flee

Wear a thin monitor as a necklace to display them and hook ur phone to it =)

themed shoes , cap , T shirt , wallpaper/watch wallpaper

ok but what about actual trading card prints that`d be so cute

I heard some people display them on smart watches. I`m just going to make business cards with QR codes on them to give NFTs out to people I meet

Face tattoo Patrick face tattoos

Something like this should work
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