Been messing with an iPad Pro a lot this

June 6, 2021, 11:39 pm
Been messing with an iPad Pro a lot this
Been messing with an iPad Pro a lot this week, and I`m pretty sure the only thing holding me back from switching to an iPhone is Siri

how easily it works with people in the ecosystem is awesome. definitely stinks when you try to go outside of it and send media of any kind or texts and things get all weird.

Definitely. Google Assistant is brilliant with respect to contextual awareness. I have an Echo Show in my home office, and Alexa seems equally as bad as Siri at handling follow-ups or multi-step queries.

i want to swap to android so badly but having lots of friends connected to ios makes the integrated apps (imessage, facetime, etc) so easy without having everyone download a new app. the file management is a hot mess on ios for sure. definitely feel this in a another way lol.

Ive used Siri and Google Assistant, but only for simple tasks (alarms, reminders, messages, phone calls and directions) and both are fine. My understanding is that Siri is far worse beyond that, and I believe it. Has there been something specific that bothers you?

Siri do be lackin

100%. Way way more consistency in design, and once you get a feel for the "apple" way of interacting with apps like the full screen swipe-down gesture and near-universal pull-down to search, it can feel way more fluid. Plus the apps ARE just better.

That plus the terrible notification system and the lack of proper intents are what keep me away for more than the occasional few weeks of novelty.

is Google assistant still not great on an iPhone?

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