Been a long day let`s see what the subreddit

June 10, 2021, 10:00 pm
Been a long day let`s see what the subreddit
Been a long day lets see what the subreddit is up t... Its okay its just one comment Im definitely not self-conscious about my underperforming videos as of recent

Been subbed to you from D1 days and love all your content whether it`s the solo or group content.

I presume your recent videos are "underperforming" compared to videos where you chased the "popular" content more? I`ve really enjoyed the more relaxed Fruit playing things he wants to. You do good work, alone or with friends, it`s just the YouTube algorithm is a philistine.

I have been watching your content since college, now I`m a final year anesthesia resident and still love your content. Have a nice day

your solo stuff is great. You have thousands of stans. And your group stuff is great also. We love you fruit, keep up the good work!!

Listen. You are very wholesome, charming, and pretty awesome. And I think you`re pretty funny. I enjoy all your content.

I love your content, Fruit. With or without the Dream Team/Extended Dream Team. I know positive comments will not keep our inner voices focused off of the negative ones, but I just wanted you to know. Thanks for all you do, brother.

Actually your solo content is what drives me to do solo content. Screw the haters

You are my son and my favorite content creator on YouTube. Big big fan! You rock!!

I understand it`s not so easy However it`s important for you to understand your data is being skewed. When you look at all of you content and comments, people do find you funny. If it keeps hurting, dont worry, it`s just your body showing you have room for improvement.

I feel that to my core. There`s nothing worse than someone vindicating the traitor in your mind. Happened to me in work not too long ago. Just be assured that perception is not reality, try be kind to yourself and not to worry, we got you!

Your solo content is & always has been great, keep up the good work.

Why do you even read this stuff? Just block out the noise.

I love all your content! Ignore the haters

I love your solo content :) although I understand because solo content won`t be for everybody while dream team is just quality entertainment! All love fruit

I subscribe because of your solo videos on destiny, games that you loved like rogue-like... Keep your head up King, you work so hard for your content

While he`s technically right that the group dynamic is the most entertaining part of the group content, the same is also true of almost every gaming group on the platform. Your solo content is just as good without them, but I think what`s happening is that your channel-

At least he was honest and chill about it

I got some words for this person. Have they seen your Kingdom play throughs, Nuzlocks, My Little Blacksmith Shop, God of War, that pirate video from last week!! Literally your solo stuff KILLS. Ive watched you for 6 years because of it. This person needs to get off the Reddit.

Why not do a d2 gun review??? i still watch the d1 gun review

Quit doing this to yourself, your khannntent is always amazing. Good people surround themselves with other good people. It is because of you that peeps like Rhabby and Blue and the DT have been able to gain their own followings, which constantly growing yours, be proud!!!!

Man, your raft videos are gold.

I watch every video because I like you make my morning coffee alot more enjoyable.

Ok, maybe a hot take. But if this was directed towards me I would be like "OK fair enough, at least he enjoys something of my content." because you`re going to have this sort of viewer, and that`s OK. Sure it hurts a bit, but hey it is what it is. Gotta roll with critique.

I`m still eating for a second nova bomb montage xD(shotguns)

If it wasnt for you solo content I wouldnt have found your channel. Love you fruit

It`s not a question of having thick skin. We can`t always be at our top, so the best thing to do is to stop thinking you always have to be "perfect". You will never please everyone, even in your best moments, so, just accept that and do what YOU like. And good luck!

Been subbed since destiny 1 days, I love the dream team but I also love Mr fruit. I saved your Pokmon and COD videos to play as background noise. Even when I`m sleep I`m watching your videos lol it`s tough to ignore those comments but know you have a fan base who love you

Love ALLL the content! Solo or otherwise. Even games I dont have interest in Ill watch cause its YOUR video. Ive been subbed since the D1 days and its been amazing to see your growth over the years. My 5yo son even knows who you are!

love the cringy dad jokes btw, maybe it`s cuz I`m older lol Could be worse tho, like working in retail and receiving rude comments IRL for something I have no control over The way i feel changes moment by moment.

I love your content, keep putting in the good work and sending the positivity. It is appreciated by several grateful fans across your many platforms, stay strong king.

Well this is one hell of a hot take. While I do enjoy the group content from time to time, everyone`s voices talking all the time kinda grates on me. It`s great to just chill out and hear "heidy-ho everyone"

You`re Last Spell videos are amazing! Very solid solo content and why I started enjoying years ago. Hope your day gets better my friend.

MR. FRUIT!!!!! You will always have me watching the CAHNtent. You always make me laugh!

Your jokes are too bigbrain, the short quips and references are what I enjoy the most!

I have literally watched every single one of your videos. Solo, dream team, lets plays, doesnt matter. Its all great and Ill never stop watching for as long as you upload. A real oldie but favorite of mine was your cat lateral damage video. Still watch it from time time luv u

The latest Chivalry video had me rolling. First time I ever used the clip it feature on YouTube. We Froot

be completely honest and unrelated to the post I usually prefer watching your solo content over the dream team content, as I find the other creators more on the annoying/extra side of humor so I completely disagree with the post. Keep killing it in whichever way you have fun<3

Fruit, I`ve been watching your content for years and years now. But I`m just saying, recently I haven`t been watching your videos that often because you`re titles are super unspecific and I don`t know what I`m getting into so I refrain from clicking. Just some actual feedback

Some people like chocolate, some people like vanilla. At the end of the day, you`ve provided something that people enjoy. In this particular case, you`re connecting this person with other people they enjoy watching; your friends. and that`s thanks to you.

I think sometimes people don`t understand that`s it`s just their own tastes that have changed, not the content creator

youre one of the funniest youtubers and i literally enjoy watching every single one of your videos, whether its just you or you with others i will enjoy it idk why ppl feel the need to make these comments when they could just go somewhere else. Dont doubt yourself fruit!!

been watching since like 2015 and your content never misses keep putting out the 10/10 stuff

I`ve always preferred your solo stuff myself. I don`t mind the other people, but you`re definitely strong enough to carry a video on your own. Your Pokmon play throughs are perfect examples.

All of your content is entertaining regardless of who is or isnt in it.

Dont take it personally! Usually thats just how someone figures out they have a preference. By the lack of examples and use of generalization, it looks like they dont really have a strong opinion. Im sure they will figure out that they just have a preference as well!

Youre 100% right. Its not easy and it takes an effect whether you want it to or not. But if it offsets it at all, you inspired me to make content. Ive been creative all my life but was always too self conscious to show anyone. You helped me get past that.

What an asshole. Love your content, it doesn`t matter if it`s with the dream team or not. I mean, even sykkuno has his squad, there`s nothing wrong with that

Poor didnt even get a shoutout for his hard work in the second channel! Shame!!

The solo content has always been some of my favorite, especially the long-form stuff on More Mr. Fruit. The White2 and Y nuzlockes were a ton of fun to watch and carried me through a difficult time (covid isolation and all). I definitely appreciate seeing some vids with only you.

Its not easy at all. Ive been told that for years and still take everything to heart. I just want you to know I will always be a fan of yours not matter if its a good day or bad day. Every day is a Fruit day to me! Much luv!

In my personal opinion all of your solo indie game vids carry the channel. Some of my favorite series are the forager, moonlighter, blacksmith shop, kingdom, and the .IO saga. You are one of the coolest dudes out there.

Your solo content was some of the first videos I watched and they made me fall in love with your channel. I also love the dream team videos, but the solo ones are great also. I`m planning on watching your recent solo videos tonight since I haven`t had a chance to watch them yet

I get that and it sucks but at the same time ask yourself - why do you believe the few negative people over the many positive people?

He is correct. It is an unpopular opinion because its a stupid one.

Yknow that may have been true during a couple periods when it was kind of clear that you were experiencing burnout but thats hardly your fault. I think right now your solo content and your humor is at its best, and I`m hoping its because you`re paying attention to mental health

Fruit, not gonna lie, you carry your own content, what you do is a very hard job. I find your content very enjoyable. It has a personality to it that`s actually refreshing. Keep up the good work my friend.

Keep your head up man, dont get dwelled upon one persons thoughts and focus on the goodness you bring to peoples lives, which is a lot in case you didnt realize!

If it makes you feel any better I enjoy your solo content just as much. I think that`s why the Among Us content is so good because you have moments with everyone then you have solo time as well going into your thought process.

Bro, I absolutely love your solo, hour long, ANYTHING content! I`m sorry people take to any means possible to try putting you down, but trust me, there are countless others that watch your content for YOU. Keep your head up, brother! Hope this message and pic help Fruit, that video specifically made me want to buy that game, simply from how much YOU enjoyed it...

I think you and the extended dream team are hilarious but I really enjoy your solo content too! I have really liked the most recent videos as "Chivalry" and "The Last Spell"! I know its though to ignore everything bad but that you still provide us with content everyday is strong!

I love your content! You are genuine in every video and I really appreciate that.

Haters gonna hate. Seriously, your content is fantastic and honestly genuine. Thats not common nowadays :(

Honestly, I get what you mean, but at the same time you have got to think that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, some people will not like what you do and you just have to accept it. It makes life in general a lot easier if you do. Sending love from the Netherlands

Mr fruits content is pog loving the ttt and the last spell gameplay :)

Regardless of what the internet says The chivalry video was peak you. I can tell you were having so much fun, and it made it that much more enjoyable to watch.

Fruit the absolute no holding back truth is that your solo content is Fruittastic! And collab is Mr. amazing thanks for all you do!

keep doing what you`re doing! Your videos and content are things that I look forward to everyday. Currently going back through and rewatching your Heart Gold Nuzlocke!

I really dont understand how people can think those things man, I really love your solo content and I genuinely think youre really funny on your own and you contribute massively to the comedy of the dream team and extended videos. We love you fruit

BRB getting my white knight outfit on

Mr fruit your chivalry videos slapped. Some of my fav are your solo ones. Specifically a few memorable god of war ones

Ive been watching you also since 2014 and your stuff is still funny as ever

The solo content is strong due to your Incredible sound effects and personality. Not many people can hold my attention and you always make the time fly by. Staying one way for years is never good. You gave developed so much I`ve the past years. You have become a better person.

It`s 100% not easy. I haven`t even started putting my writing out in the world and the criticism Already gets to me somehow. Once I start, I`ll never read reviews or the like unless I have someone else filter through them for me. I love your stuff. All of it.

Youre still my favorite YouTuber. Your videos will continue to bring me huge laughs and ease my anxiety. While I`ll admit most of the recent stuff hasn`t been for me (more so for the games than you, obviously), it`s still great to see you playing stuff you enjoy. Your stuff in general is still wonderful. It`s impossible to please everyone and trying to do so only adds unnecessary-

Been watching YOU since Destiny lol. No worries Fruit, this one commenter thinks youre quite a hoot. Appreciate the content

I think this is more indicative of someone whos sense of humor has changed. Theyre feedback is gracious but I disagree with the point being made. Your solo content on things like Chivalry or the random indie games is very personal, funny and lighthearted. Viewer issue not yours

Its the vocal minority that always seems the loudest. I couldnt imagine what its like to feel and to read all these negative comments, but what I do know is that we the majority love you and love what you do

This is a dumb take lol, your solo content has been super fun lately

This man is just straight up wrong. But lets be honest there are tons of groups on YouTube that thrive together. Even the biggest youtubers are constantly putting videos out with there friends almost always present.

I`m sure for every voice like that there are a lot more who fully enjoy the channel as it is even if they don`t post about it (like me! I like the solo content just as much as the group stuff)

It`s not always to have a thick skin for some people that just isn`t an answer. Some people may think that`s stupid, but they aren`t the one dealing with it. So while they can suggest all they want, some people take comments like this to heart. And can`t help it.

I got chivalry 2 because of your vids and have been having a lot of fun. :)

My boyfriend and I both loved your Last Spell playthroughs. We watched part 2 last night and it was the absolute CONTENT. Please keep being you, and dont let one nerd get you down. You got more fans than a wind farm. I love all your playthroughs.

Tbh, some of your solo series are my favorites! Ghost of Tsushima kept me company in a very though period of my life and your Pokemon series always bring me a smile. Your content is genuinely an anxiety relief and always makes me feel better. So thank you for doing what you do

yes!! i really enjoyed the chivalry video

I`ve been thinking the opposite lately I was wondering why you don`t have a Mr. Fruitlike/lite channel based around soley uploading content like The Last Spell, Hades, Slay the Spire but then I remember oh right 5 channels can`t keep making dedicated channels

I started with pokewatch. I stayed for the solo content.

Chivalry reminded me of your For Honor days

The true fans will always be by your side. I havent missed a single video since I found your channel back when Destiny 1 came out. I even re watch videos almost every day. Seeing that you upload makes me smile because its new connnnntent. I love you Fruit and I always will

I wouldn`t worry about the opinion of someone who felt the need to share that kind of negativity, whilst making that many grammatical and syntax errors.

Hey chief, you see that? Been watching you since I was 16 and you are the gold standard for me when it comes to YT; I started my YT cause I was inspired by you by a large margin chief. Don`t let the voice of few bring you down king! Been watching you since space magic, keep doing you love your content

Its a lot easier to tell people to have thick skin when youre not the one receiving the criticism. Keep up the great work

Im sorry about that guy fruit, please dont let it get to you. Ive been watching you since I was 13 in 2014 too, I have the 100k subscriber shirt to prove it. Youre still making great content that I love coming to see. Youre awesome!

Fruit, I love your content, solo and group. Keep posting what makes you happy. If that is chasing views and likes, do it, if that means posting stuff like Last Spell, do it. I will watch it. Yes your solo content is different, but not bad.

I hope the love you deserve comes your way. You are one of the best an most genuine creators I watch, and I love your personality. I know there are loads of people who agree with this, but I also wish that number was higher. Keep up the good work, man.

Well screw you Hotmom112233! your content is great. Some of the best videos ARE with the gang, but your solo content is still wonderful to watch. I eat lunch every day with one of your daily uploads at work, and without one to watch, I`m sad. Keep up the good work!

Nah. That aint true at all. Youre solo videos are super calming and enjoying to listen to when Im just chilling and exploring in a game

I think we all just miss the series. Especially Minecraft. I was LOVING that series so much. I was invested lol. Valheim too.

Trust me man, there are a lot of us who are here for you and your content regardless of the game and the people, just stay strong and remember were here for you!

No, you the King!!! I`ve been watching since 2014 as well. Stuff like 60 sec review and crucible challenges were obviously amazing stuff, but the variety now more than makes up for it! Also when do we get more last spell Not in the literal subreddit named after you :(

Ive been watching your content since 2014, and I think youre one of the most talented, genuine, honest, funny YouTubers there are. I watch your videos daily and will continue to do so. Two million subscribers are going to have different opinions. Dont sweat it. Youre the man.

thats fucked. I love you solo content, the recent rogue like playthrough is super enjoyable

Don`t listen to them my king, they blasphem against you and should be sentenced to the dungeons

everyone group hug time lets go

NOTE: this was not a hate post, but I hate you. big fan since 2014 btw!

Every successful person has other people that hate them or look down on them.

Everyone says to have thick skin and ignore them and look at the people who enjoy your content but whenever you see people say the things the little voice in the back of your head constantly worries about its not always so easy.

Man took that much time out of his day just to write that on the subreddit

Alright where`s the sledgehammer bout to bash someone

ignore fruit. i have always love and always will love your content and your personality

Bring back among us!!!!!!

i love your solo content :(

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