Be honest: How many times have you watched the

June 19, 2022, 2:41 am
Be honest: How many times have you watched the
Be honest: How many times have you watched the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer?

Once. I was more hyped for Crisis Core FF7 Reunion.

This one once because it was so confusing but FFXVI i watched it at least 10 times

Not even once, dont care

Really wish the trailer was uploaded in 4k

Zero. No Xbox release for the 1st part so I don`t care

At least five times.

Zero at the moment. But will get around to it.

So, "next" winter.....I assume they mean 2023-2024? I`m hoping this year.....but...I don`t see it happening. Has it been clarified officially? Can`t wait.

Didn`t watch it waiting for ff8 to get the remake it deserved

I never count. I just watch to my heart`s extent.

1 Time only... Because with my luck i dont get a PS5 until then

Be honest: How many times have you watched the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer?

Zero tbh. I watched it for the first time here on twitter now.

Need a Crisis Core remaster.

0...this is the first time

About 29.5 times on dat Sony XR OLED.

The whosie whattie? Im confussed

More than I`m letting the public know

Well as of replying, zero.

I saw it once lmao. I`m more hyped for Reunion.

Uh 2 times because i can`t understand what`s happen and same happen to the 2nd time so i don`t watch it anymore

More than 10 times for the beauty of it

Just once, is there a problem?

Under back ear in behind curtains shadows!!! Twice in English, once in Japanese.

Once, but you just inspired me to go back and view it a second time

Square Enix used to be the kings of RPG. But as long as sony playstation greed for this exclusive continues, the fanbase for this game will be destroyed. Monolithsoft takes the throne

1 time. Not a long one.

2 or 3 times, it`s to far away for hype yet... Now the Crisis Core trailer, lots o times super hype for it.

Only Once. Then realized this games chopped up and destroyed the actual story, and will be nothing but baited CONFUSION.

Nope. Avoiding everything I can so its all fresh when I play it.

Cant wait for buy it 1 time, but Ill probably go back in 6 months to get excited again

Why yall doing us dirty my bday next Saturday give us fight night champion it can even be the p4 version prefer p5 and Scarface only two games we need Im loyal got ps plus premium and everything 0 TIMES! RELEASE OMORI

ZERO... lack of interest....

to be honest 0 not great Fan of FF

Not gonna watch. I want to experience everything blind.

At this point when you guys will make the Square Enix aquisition announcement?

I didnt even know the trailer is out

Still not as good as the first ff7 remakes trailer

Zero. After the first part of the remake...I`m not interested at all in this game. A non open world final fantasy is not a Final Fantasy...and changing the story like that... Well, if I want to play sometime to FFVII I will just play the original, that`s for sure

Once. Loved ff7r and ff7rebirth looks fantastic, but as far as trailers go it your standard anime-style barely-comprehensible nonsense.

None and I dont intend tonever liked the franchise

Many many times and hyper-analysing everything. 5-7 times. But why not 4K version?

Not once, sorry not sorry.

Um.... Once, like any normal person.

Zero. And I love FF and will be getting all versions if there are multiple :)

2. The same percentage I have of both finding and affording a PS5.

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