BC2 Vita v

August 2, 2021, 8:08 am
BC2 Vita v
BC2 Vita v.1.0 by TheFloW & can now be downloaded from VitaDB, VHBB or EasyVPK! More info is available here:

Does anyone know how to fix ux0:data/bc2/libbc3.so.??

I tried to play bully on the vita but it says kubridge.skprx isn`t installed even when I download it from easyVPK. Shadow Warrior has a similar issue with the libshacccg.suprx runtime shader compiler, any ideas?

where do you even get Battlefield Bad Company 2 from? It`s not on the Amazon AppStore like the tutorial explains

is there hope to see a port marvel vs capcom 2 ios on psvita? or should they just be android games

Excuse me where can I download the data or it still does not come out

maybe relace docs on how tf to use this android warper and also maybe credit thr ORIGNAL DEVELPERS AND NOT JUST YOURSELF

ok but how do I play it

Interesting. I will try it


I thought vhbb support was dead ? Is there another app that will allow me to dload home brew

You gotta be kidding, this is great.

I just can`t belive it. This is so amazing! Many thanks. Both of you!

The VITA thanks to these two guys is now more alive than ever... Gaming with this handheld quality device and these iconic games is a dream come true for me at least...

Vita ..... life

Are you two crazy!!!????

Amazing Rinne

Vita will never die!!!

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