Back to square one

July 22, 2021, 4:50 am
Back to square one
Back to square one Xbox

Im sure Destin, Colt and Dealer will clarify what these numbers mean to their audience

Not bad for a console that has no exclusives. That is actually not good for PS5. The number aren`t too drastically high here.

He is just trying to make himself feel better by putting a company that doesn`t care about him or knows about his existence and somehow feeling better about himself.

He is just trying to get more followers on Twitter by getting attention from people who actually play games.

Trust me he doesn`t have the PS5 or a 3000 dollar gaming PC or a Nintendo switch.

This guy is a Venezuelan in his country people can`t even afford toilet paper ignore him.

Sales dont matter...till the next Xbox W.

No, it was to mock guys like you that are full of smug satisfaction thinking Xbox wouldnt win a NPD again. But yes it is a positive sign of Xbox growth.

Where were you when Xbox was on top, oh I know you were hiding instead of pointing it out right?

You just proving the narrative. Xbox fans brought up the NPD June data because people like you place too much self worth tied to console sales. Xbox fans care more about monthly active users. You just proving the point

I love it. You will not see Xbots talk about july sales...

don`t forget sales is not part of the strategy

Talk dat Talk Either way your autistic brand loyalism is still autistic brand loyalism Lol blurred out the switch being 6 figures I see

A measly 8 thousand? Damn. Y`all console warriors desperate.

Seems weird to blur out the other countries.

Console sales. That`s hilarious Xbox still making more money then Sony with gamepass.

So we back to sells don`t matter again?

Nintendo still like.. (though Steam Deck gonna bring some comp) Hiding Switch sales, you clown lol

Sales dont matter now. Didnt you know?

yep just like that the narrative will be back as sales doesnt matter

Before June, MS likely started allocating more stock to the US since its basically the last market that still has decent demand for the console. The sales are already bottoming out, it had nothing to do with E3.

Now it`s not about chip shortage huh

Please show me the rest, I`m not an xbot.

....and just like that. Sales don`t matter anymore.

iCarly, sooooooo nostalgic

NPD on lock

How xbots see the sales charts
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