October 19, 2021, 1:42 am
ATTENTION AQUATIC VTUBERS It is now Aqua VTuber Monday. If youre a Aquatic or Aquatic related VTuber, drop your png and introduce yourself below so I can retweet it! If youre not a Aquatic VTuber, reply with some of your favorite Aquatic Vtubers to check out! Vtuber

Nice to meet you! I am Lazuli, a Shape-Shifting, Otherworldly, Sea Dragon! I have loved Earth`s ocean since I arrived over 9,000 years ago and am glad to call it my home! Hoi hoi! Im a space dolphin that crashlanded on earth, in Finland Hopefully one day I can visit space again! Does semi-aquatic count? Am gator and am very good at swimming. Did you know a group of gators is called a congregation? Howdy howdy!! I`m Lita and I`m a sea dragon who`s here for human food and human bones- I mean friends! Nice to meet you all *break dances* hey I am an O-Droid (orca android) i hope that counts, i like to play different types of games and ultimately cause chaos with my chat Hello I am Maleroy, I am the hydration police water haired VTuber! Yall better stay hydrated! Hi, am literal water Aquatic Vtubers are free to swim in my hair anytime LETS GO ELDRITCHES LETS GO I`m Folly! I`m an Eldritch Knight living in `Down Under` (the ocean). I like to Shiny Hunt in pokemon and crochet! I just like to hang out and relax with chat, and despite my looks, I`m not good with scary things... Hello! My name is Trips Starlake, and I`m a bunny sea slug! I made my way to the shore and discovered I had a human form...and then I took the internet! I love video games, but there is a lot I want to do for streams! I hope you`ll swim on by some time! Hey! I`m an Eldritch Horror Fish Vtuber! I`m an ASD Vtuber who focuses on art and sometimes gaming. Here`s my current model and design! I have a full-body model but it`s a secret until December 2nd! I`m not an aquatic VTuber but check out this picture of a rabbit swimming! Hello! I am Jae Docleton. Cephalopod, storyteller, dream eater, dad friend, proud of you. I also do dream analysis! HEWO!!!! :3 my name is rina and im an angel shark vtuber!! :D i love cute things and video games and chatting and making friends!! i hope youll come visit my ocean! Hello! Lovely to meet you all! Not me, but is a lovely mermaid Vtuber!!

I`m d For sure not aquatic! I`m a human Supervillain! guess I count? Hi, I`m an anthropomorphic clam who happens to also be a bartender, nice to meet you Hola! I`m Stefan Rook, a spicy and spooky Salsamander, which I think would just barely qualify me! My outfit is usually much more colorful, but we`re in the midst of celebrating Spooktober with nothing but horror games, so stop by if that`s your thing! Yo, I am aquatic! I`m an ex gang leader hybrid (orca/cat) who now lives as an artist while streaming silly games every now and then. Howzit, Im Mari! Im a squid - and the coolest squid at that! I actually have a new model reveal going on now, Id appreciate ya checking it out!

Hi hi! My name is Nyxie the Dream Sheep! Part sheep, part fish, and tasked with patrolling the Sea of Dreams in order to find dreams that could use a bit of growth~ My debut won`t be for a bit, but that hasn`t stopped me from streaming on Twitch! Heyo I`m Manayu, a sea turtle looking for a husbando so I can become a housewife! :D While taking breaks in my search, I like to play games, chitchat and make new friends in the most chaotic way ^^ Heyo its me Nitto! And I`m a shark boy! Specifically a Mako shark! I love to swim, singing and making nee friends! Hope we can become the best friends! Hi! Im Yazu! A laidback narwhal who transformed into a human girl! Im on a mission to learn about human life on land through video games! I just debuted this last weekend, so I hope to see you shoreside one day! Hello hello!! My name is Cardyn (car-din) I play the vidya games and a very loud person once you get to know me!! Love popcorn and Strawberries Pleasure to meet you!! I`m Xeria, I`m an Oscar fish that got turned into a mermaid on accident by a witch! It`s not so bad, though, I have thumbs now and can play games! I`m still waiting for a cute anime fishgirl whose mouth has a tongue parasite

is one of my favs! She`s absolutely adorable

Im Lotl, the axolotl nature goddess. I teach about animals, and do interviews/events/collabs with scientists and vtubers. Im also a singer & musician and I play games with my wife Wanna be one of my loddles~? Best fish

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