At a market cap of $2

January 26, 2021, 11:39 pm
At a market cap of $2
At a market cap of $2.4 Trillion Why would you continue to hold $AAPL ?

If i find a better alternative I would switch but I also am around 35-40% in cash so money is not the issue issue is finding great investments that are not overpriced

Whats your current alternative? Cash SPAC $GME ? I would say not many. You buy wonderful companies and you wait to add to them when they get on sale the funny thing is a lot of times they dont go on sale but actually keep going higher I know its an old mantra but its true

$GME is obviously coming for $AAPL, right?

Betting on $AAPL to be a $3T company in 2yrs

Cos is only gets silly at $5 Trillion

M1 is the gamechanger! $AAPL

They did a write-down recently, its $190B. $XOM

i can`t have all my money in high risk growth stocks

$2T Market cap is massive, Sure, but compared to the upside potential of innovation, its not as big as it seems now. $XOM (largest at that time) had a value of $300B back in the day, that was a massive valuation. Now a $300B market cap is okay. Depending on the business.

30% gravy $AAPL gets from the app store and, oh yea, airpods ~35% mkt share, iwatch ~55% market share...$AAPL just keeps on coming out with products people must have..a monster on so many levels

Yes. Most innovative company on the planet. AAPL is getting into healthcare

Huge capital gains taxes is my primary reason to keep holding $AAPL It`s one of the companies I`ve in the set it & forget it mode Not adding to it, so over time, the position in my portfolio will become smaller + Know your `cows` & `horses` in your portfolio. $AAPL is a cow

Apple (cult stock) will continue to innovate and create new revenue streams in developing markets that will be consumer driven (socially). No speculation just facts - long term hold

Compounding machine...Longgg!

Great margins, long runway, lots of potential products down the road. I think they are just getting started, "Apple Silicon" running circles around window/android ARM competitors and probably going to pass anything else available.

Its a great stock and I think it will do well. I recently sold my small position in $AAPL but not because I thought it was a bad investment, I just had other stocks that I thought would do better.

Because 3 is a real number and so are 4, 5 , 6 and 7

What does market cap have to do with anything :-) (I dont hold Apple stock, just call options) FCF machine Buyback machine Can still revamp growth In almost every index fund / retirement account So many reasons, from my POV Expensive on Val? Sure, but MKT is FWD thinker

Because you`re emotionally attached to Apple and you just like it being part of your portfolio.

If I was older and just needed a stable company thatll give me dividends and let me live off the income without my capital blowing up. Relatively stress free decision.

I am not suggesting you shouldnt here. Just curious about peoples opinions on the matter.

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