Assuming we reach an altcoin bottom in the next

July 21, 2021, 6:32 pm
Assuming we reach an altcoin bottom in the next
Assuming we reach an altcoin bottom in the next few weeks/months, which altcoin projects will you be accumulating? I already know I will regret this tweet as it will be filled with bots spamming their scam tokens lol

IOTA it has everything that asked forcheck the devnet

Just in case everything goes to zero and money disappears, like in the classic GI Joe episode, I am holding Cobra Coin, in order to feed my family. Whichever shitcoin bottoms the most probably

Im getting more and more intressted in $Holochain Holochain or hot If they live up to there promesses the future is bright.

Hey mates, IDO on is going to be more exciting. It will launch an IDO on Polkastarter to bring the community even closer. As a holder of $BURP token, youll get the chance to gain rare NFTs. So, join the whitelist fast. more- sol and some projects on it, FTT, algo, possibly Ada, uni, dot, theta

P2PS Purpose: The purpose of our ICO is to bring to you a secure system through which you can exchange confidential digital assets or files with absolutely no interference from any third party; not even a network or systems administrator

P2PS solutuon fundation

Stacking more of the NFT king coin $OGN. There will only be one acceptable currency in the NFTcommunity and $ogn is already the most used within the space. $OGN $OUSD Check and thank me soon. I mean very soon

like you said bots

DOGE, will sell at bottom and rebuy whens negative

Do you even read the replies? Probably not but I`ll take a shot anyway: Tickets as NFT`s Close to a million tickets sold Expanding globally in the coming months The usecase is endorsed by literally everyone No competition Great tokenomics $DAG and its lending/launchpad/DEX platform $LTX. It`s the only L_0 project in the space and the only one that can run consensus on every data type whereas others are limited to just smart contracts. Think cloud, smart contracts, real-time IoT data, smart cities, etc.

$SOL - super high beta bounce play

$BAT, maybe some $DOGE for fun.

Haha Gotta say i`m also grabbing some more $FTT , $SOL , $WOO and a few others. But my main stack will always be link :)

looking to get $mina $erowan $hbar $hapi $gdt

$DOT because its under water and parachain upgrade did not occur yet. Maybe some $KSM.

We are still early in Faraland NFTgaming hope you look into $Tel and $Vra

Ive loaded up on one and one alone...

$UNCLE , simply because I was told not to buy it. Hi, I`m a bot, $LINK of course sir. Lol :)

is the best project NFTs Last 12 months have proven how difficult it is for alts to outperform ETH long term. Thats why I only buy ETH this time. Ill trade alts when its full blown alt season

$DGB $ZIL $ETH Done ok with those so far.

Biggest war game on blockchain People who have missed the bull run of $DOGE are trying hard to pump other meme coins. But this is the chance to get into the NEXT BIG THING! $TAIYO is launching today at 8:00 pm EST and is expanding the ecosystem! Telegram: 1000 votes for Faraland It is the best NFT Gaming ankr MATIC link and polkadot just been moving to slow

addy from ser

Planning to go heavy on $LINK $HTR and $SUSHI

Not a spambot ( which is exactly what a spambot would say) but Im picking me up some more $HBAR

definitely vet, one of the most used and unique blockchains

MetaHash MHC Why? 160k+ transactions per second, transaction confirmation <3 sec, no fees, 40%+ YROI forging (=staking), decentralized...

I am still bullish on $Nim & accumulate more. I invite very friend of mine to buy crypto with Nimiq Oasis and for the most it was the first contact to the crypto market. Everyone was surprised how easy and fast the atomic swap from fiat to crypto is. $DUSK Just filling the gaps and happy not many know about it.

$dia for 10-20X $dsla for 100X

I`m very bullish about $NIM nimiq, a really underrated project and a really great opportunity at this price point. Simple and innovative technology. Here you go.

Faraland FARA up only

Check the investment list of binance, which categories of projects they are looking for their next incubation prpgram in fall.

Litecoin Why? For me the price is completely removed from all the positive fundamentals. Grayscale, PayPal, Venmo, Mimblewimble etc Not financial advise

Probably some $DEXE $WAULTX $ELE $XED $DOT and $UTK

Are we early in $MRX? Yes! All you need to know about Metrix

I always take your comments very seriously. After this tweet I started to be a bit worried about my alts..

seems like an interesting new project

We all know about big project lik $atom, $luna and so on. But Ill accumulate $mute!

$LINK $ADA $MATIC $SFM $SHIBU AND exchange tokens on top of $btc and $eth ofc

Im going with $CITY, blockchain based city builder $MINA $GRT These two alone will free you from wage slavery

Choices will need to be done but keeping an eye on $ATOM $DOT $KSM $RUNE $THETA $SRM $LINK $MATIC Add some to $LUNA $FTT $SOL

Yes, I regretted clicking this tweet also

No scam coins, $AVAX, $LINK, $ATOM, & $CELO

The project is probably the most shiny project out there. You simply can`t stop accumulating meme with this project! Can`t go wrong! All In or Nothing!

Do you know yet?? The biggest war game on blockchain. Welcome to the world of heroes? Faraland FARA Faraland is the best project

$omi for sure, future of NFTs and has the most licences

"Assuming ..." Sell The Rips P.S. We`ve got one coming.

$ada and $XRP of course

$ftt, $sol, $link, $axs

XRC - undervalued under $1 - mineable coin - privacy with TOR Network - low cap, undervalued (ATH $50) - supply 2.1 million only - for real adoption

faraland play to earn Check out my new token. Called ididntkillmyself coin.

will be the next special name in the NFT gaming world. Are you ready to know about Anything that pays passive income stream. $ADA for example is 5% more than my 0.025% dirty fiat bank is paying me

Faraland is the best just to name a few!!

I`m in between $COPE and $CRWNY

Faraland!!! Buying NFT and Token. cz_binance faraland_io good is great project! faraland will be number one. faraland_io

on $NIM Nimiq The Browser-first Blockchain Orai and ecosystem has a promising future, let me tell you.

starting from high to low cap i think the following: $LUNA, $UOS, $HTR, $ALBT, $ZCX, $FWT, $AIRI, $BBANK

I converted some of my $btc into more $cxo. Digitizing trade docs sub $40mil mc. Will process all of Egypts trade docs starting Oct1. Finalist in India`s trade modernization and also has another nation in the ME that will be revealed in Q4 that is using them for trade docs.

team mumu is accumulating $orn via LPs. New terminal is pretty sick

Safe Haven $SHA Travala $AVA Vulcan Forged $PYR

You can look at OGN LINK SOL LINA DOT and yeah I`m not bot I`m human lol

$BOSON I have been accumulating it since it is under 1$. Best Small cap long term play imo

Im accumulating more Link and DOT!

$razor, $pendle, $shopx, $tru, $lpool, $premia

$Cuminushibarocketakitababydoggocoin 1,000,000x potential, infinite utility with a fair and transparent team! Moonshot! Incoming industry adoption and regulatory acceptance!

First I need $ Willing to do gay4pay Have connections?

$SUSHI uniswap destroyer and bring concentrated liquidty AMM to faster chains. $UOS Steam and every gaming platform destroyer $ICE .... $FET and $Lina, Been filling since the drop

Probably just gonna continue to DCA my favourites

$ADA $LINK and maybe $DOT

$MINA is very innovative and smart project/blockchain. I discovered it with their ICO on CoinList and I think it`s completely undervalued.

iost $iost break out alert In next candle

$QNT is the only one i won`t ever get enough. My other bags are loaded. Good luck with the bots, may ogun thunderstrike them.

$Ocean, ocean, ocean! We have never seen a Hype about datatoken and dataeconomy!

SRM, SOL, RAY, FTT all day everyday

$raze, $aleph and $woo. Seriously check these out.

$egld is all I need thats it

very small cap but some promising stuff coming - GLQ ( I already have a bunch but will add more

USDC till alts separate themselves from the FUD swings $BTC is dealing with.

Maybe i will fomo in an couple hours if the big coin leader Elon gets the sheep running back to btc

Dot and ksm are in my mind right now, I don`t remember others

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