Assuming both are Exclusive

September 14, 2021, 8:51 pm
Assuming both are Exclusive
Assuming both are Exclusive.. Who got the better Disney deal? - Playstation: KOTOR Remake - Xbox: Indiana Jones Comment why PS5 Xbox

I`m more excited for Indiana Jones because it`s a new IP by Machine Games (great devs). KOTOR remake will be amazing too, but it`s a remake of a game I already played.

If it`s turn based gameplay I don`t want the star wars game

Both huge i think but considering wolverine and spiderman are on playstation it makes it the better deal

PlayStation literally got the greatest game ever made... it`s no debate

Since one is a remake of an older game and the other one is brand new, I`d go with Indiana Jones

So taking that into consideration Xbox wins they will eventually have both games.

Star Wars >>>>>>>>>>>>> Indiana Jones

If they were both exclusive youd have to give the edge to KOTOR as its likely going to be a better seller, its a bigger franchise anyway. But we already know KOTOR is only timed exclusive and if Indiana Jones follows the rest of the new Bethesda games it will be exclusive.

PlayStation hands down

We have no way of saying right now and this only promotes more console war nonsense. Once we get images/video and a general idea of gameplay mechanics and such this conversation would make sense.

The one that got the new game

I`m an Xbox fan mostly but I voted KOTOR because it`s fucking kotor and it blew me away back in the day. I remember renting it from blockbuster (I know dating myself) and had to beat it before it was due back. Basically played the whole thing non stop and loved every minute!

I own both. So.. both.

PlayStation got the remake Xbox gets the new games As always, PlayStation eating refried beans.

People really voting Indiana Jones? Lmao bro no one has cares about Indiana Jones since 1991

we know nothing from IJ yet... so the poll is a lil misleading?

Honestly we dont really know what either are, but I feel like the Indiana Jones on Xbox fills a void of a type of game that PS has in abundance. Both are great pick ups in their own right tho.

We know already how KOTOR is going to be but not Indiana Jones we would know when the games been released.

KOTOR is just a remake, so we know what to expect story wise. Indiana Jones, we dont know anything about it just that its an Xbox exclusive, and I believe they say first person view. I say Sony has the better deal, not many are fans of Indians jones compare SW

Indiana jones. We know what KOTOR is but indy is fresh

Honestly Im just happy to be able to pay both. Ive never been able to build a pc and play kotor so Im glad its coming to console and Ive always wanted an Indiana Jones game

Star Wars is definitely the bigger brand. And KOTOR is regarded as one of the best Star Wars stories for a reason

PlayStation. Im sorry but more people are a fan of Star Wars than Indiana Jones.

KotOR is the first computer role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe. The game was released on the Xbox onJuly 15, 2003 in North America and on September 12, 2003 in Europe. KOTOR is a classic and a masterpiece independently of whether you like star wars or not. A legendary game. By FAR the better deal. I hope they can do the original justice.

Ps has uncharted so that covers Indiana

I think they both did ok. PlayStation got a space themed rpg it needed after we lost Starfield and Xbox got something besides a shooter or racer

Well KOTOR is a known awesome game and likely the more popular IP. Saying that machine games makes some killer games and you can`t put it past them to do something stellar. Likely sony got the best deal

Definitely PlayStation considering they already have their own Indiana Jones franchise

The Gamers! xbox I liked all indiana Jones games but it looks like I wont be able to play any for a long time

KOTOR, easily. established classic vs a wild card. but if we`re comparing Disney deals, it seems you`re missing a couple of IPs on Sony side.

Star Wars is more popular, but damn... I was a fan of Indiana Jones first. Looks like I have to buy an Xbox Series X now.

Quality control like the Abandoned "game"? We shall see.

Kotor easy Sony have already better IP for AA called Uncharted

PlayStation already has Indiana Jones, his name is Nathan Drake. Needs a whip and a hat tho

I would say Indiana Jones because its a new IP/Game.

No idea tbh but if aint, its a stalemate

Timed on KOTOR . So Indiana

Indiana Jones. It`s a new game from an incredible developer. Kotor is a remake of a game from an incredible developer by a new developer. (Bioware isn`t involved)

Kotor is timed, and could still potentially appear on Xbox. I`ve not heard o Indiana Jones even being announced, but less announced as exclusive. Neither of these top 3 Spider-Man games and a Wolverine game, though.

A remake vs a new IP. Pretty obvious

KOTOR is a remake of a classic. They can`t get that wrong. Indiana Jones is by devs who know how to shoot Nazis. They can`t get that wrong.

Assuming 2 things: 1. KOTOR remade to be like Jedi Fallen Order. 2. Indiana Jones made to be like Wolfenstein. Id say KOTOR if you like a challenge, and Jones if you like an accessible adventure with some shooter and light-platform mechanics. Neither should be exclusive.

Hahaha is this a serious question!?

Hate that anyone has to choose.

KOTOR was groundbreaking, no question

Lmao Kotor is timed PC day 1

PS: KOTOR, theres history there and they basically snatched an Xbox exclusive

Indiana Jones, it isnt like KOTOR is a completely new game, the original Version of the Game has been availble for like 20 years .

It`s a bad comparison when we know what to expect, more or less, from Kotor, but we don`t know anything about Indiana Jones

Remake made by Aspyr vs original New story made by MachineGames. It`s pretty clear.

KOTOR is one of my fave games ever & Indiana Jones was one of my fave films growing up so this is tough! Ultimately I vote KOTOR Im FAR more excited for it & I think Star Wars is still mainstream popular whereas Indy is dated now (plus Tomb Raider & Uncharted are similar series)

Based on studios involved I would have more confidence/excitement in the Indiana Jones project. MachineGames are so talented. Now KOTOR is legit one of the greatest games of all time, and a true remake of that game is very exciting depending on what the studio can do.

Youre in denial if you choose Indiana Jones

He has no reasoning hes just a Sony fanboy

Star wars is better for a mile.

Hard to answer if both come in third person

We haven`t seen any of the 2 games so who knows. But I`ve played Kotor multiple times so I`ll go with the new game.

I`ve never been a massive star wars fan so Indy for me but I`m looking forward to both.

Like all xbox games it wont even sell well lmao look at psychonauts 2 not even top 20 for sales in august lmao

I dont lol he was popular 20 years ago now not so much

I`m really hoping they get funding that they have yet to have. They were backed by THQ otherwise, and this is way more important, so I`m hoping the funding means they step up or they have the ability, but didn`t have time or funding. Guarantee Sony will quality control like mad.

Good thing I get to play both of them day 1 on my pc

Ill believe it when i see it

I just looked it all up. I`m definitely giving it to Indiana Jones because those remasters sucked. They were just lazy and a couple of them were pretty buggy.

Also last time an xbox studio made a great game from the ground up being a xbox studio the entire time the games in development ill wait lol

Because they are trying to copy uncharted and tomb raiders success in that genre thats why lol thats what ms does they copy and paste no original ideas or inventions. Copied apple copied sony the list goes on

If they did the pod racer, bounty hunter, and Stubbs remasters then I kind of expect this remake to be half assed and I give it to Indiana Jones, but I`m hoping the better deal goes to the Kotor remake.

I dont like either of them but Star Wars is easily the better deal, much more popular and the developers already have a solid foundation to build off of since its a remake

Who is developing Knight`s of the Old Republic remake?

KOTOR since its my childhood and star wars is better than Indiana Jones

Indiana jones because i have not played it but i have played kotor

I mean, KOTOR is a proven banger, but Indiana Jones is an unknown quantity. So while we know nothing of the quality of either game, KOTOR.

I`m fine with star wars but I have liked Indiana Jones since I was a child and I`m hoping that machine games will do right by it.

It`s a toughy but I think Star Wars might be the bigger IP although I`m personally excited for both

Since we don`t know anything about Indiana Jones then I`ll have to assume that it is a remake of Fate of Atlantis. So that wins :)

Indiana Jones I believe it will still come to PlayStation

Indiana Jones is a new game instead of a remake, easy choice (still hyped asf for KOTOR though)

Eh. PS is a safe win because we know and love KOTOR. Xbox getting Indy is uncertain. It may not be good but if they pull of a great Indy they will win in my opinion since we havent had a true awesome Indy game.

Weird question to ask. We have seen even a screenshot of either but clearly Star Wars is a much bigger IP

We cant say because we know about KOTOR as it is a remake but Indiana Jones is a game we havent seen before weve just seen the movies

Same, i not much of a big fan of 1st person. Since Uncharted has been the de facto Indy game for years, i cant imagine an Indiana Jones game otherwise. But if MG decide to do something different im ok with that. I just hope they dont try different for the sake of being diffrent

We do not know for sure but Kotor propbaly is timed exclusive while Indiana will be full exclusive (if it will happen) so I think Xbox has better deal.

To early to tell, Star Wars is definitely the bigger draw but Machine Games are making Indiana Jones and I love the Wolfenstein games. Where as KOTOR is being made by Aspyr, who I think have only ever ported games.

I`ll throw in a Poll because why not..

Indiana Jones All The Way. But i Own both consoles so both for me.

We already have Uncharted and Tomb Rader Trilogy games so I`d go for KOTOR Remake

Indiana Joan`s for sure. but then again I`m not a star wars fan so.

Im not really concerned about gameplay, im sure it will be good and enjoyable. I hope they hire a very good writer though. Story is going to be one of the deciding factor of how good an Indy game will be imo.

oh right, my B

I`m speculating on Kotor III, of course, but I`m pretty confident the Kotor remake will be successful which means Kotor II, because what will Aspyr do next? It`s the logical next step, as a new franchise though, I`m hoping for the best for Indiana Jones

Hard to say. Different style of games. Star wars is obviously the bigger draw. But its a timed exclusive. Indiana jones could very well be uncharted-esque and could very well be full exclusive.

eh, not really, Xbox stole Starfield out from under Sony, Sony are just reciprocating with Kotor

KotOR is the better deal

For me? Indy all the way. Im just not a turn-based guy. And I love MG.

A better comparison would be ES6 not Indiana but ight

Probably will be, if its the case then xbox got the better deal cos it`ll probably be fully exclusive

Finally a Star Wars not published by EA This is a tough one but honestly as much as I love Star Wars, Kotor is just a remake. Indiana Jones is a whole new IP with a original story. That`s got me more excited

Well isn`t the star wars remake timed exclusive

Star Wars is definitely a bigger franchise, no debate there. But personally i prefer Indiana Jones movies to Star Wars. As for games i feel Star Wars translates better to games than Indy.

Probably Star Wars. I`m not too into Indiana Jones so Star Wars seems more like a win to me.

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