As you take photos, help Professor Mirror with his

January 14, 2021, 2:51 pm
As you take photos, help Professor Mirror with his
As you take photos, help Professor Mirror with his research, and expand your Photodex in NewPokemonSnap, you may get to see Pokmon look and behave in different ways than before when you return to their habitats!

Lentil...Mirror...are you running out of names, Game Freak?

Please don`t tell me new pokemon snap is the final name

Bring back Todd snap and professor mirror thats not a tree

shiekah slate Is this the first professir not named after a tree?

A dlc or something with remastered versions of the old levels would be cool

oh yeah this exists

Bidoof is so cute!!! I hope spoink is in this

Well, that`s awesome news!

Majority keep asking to bring back Pokemon snap then when they release the trailer is gets dunked on like trash

Never got to play the original, looking forward to play this!!!

So this is the continuation of the nintendodirect started on Monday!! I guess it works

They`re just throwing good names out the window eneitrly this time huh?

This game actually looks amazing.

Only 200 pokemons?

Ngl I`m hype for the game, but lowkey angry the professor isn`t named Prof. Tree


Yall need to help Pokmons main series achieve those types of graphics. Consider having Bandai Namco assist with Gen 9 game development.

Im so excited! Game looks so pretty! Next main game better look like this

Please Nintendo let Bandai Namco or anyone else take over for the mainline Pokemon games! Unless GameFreak is willing to hire more people let another company take over

So the off branded pokemon ranger ok Me personally if it doesn`t include me able to send a god out no thanks. Good concept tho, if this is what you like I`m not gonna downgrade your opinion.

NewPokemonSnap Locations - Beach - Forest - Cave - City - Lab - Galaxy (Space) - Super Nintendo World

Omg it`s so gorgeous

why are nintendo fans the easiet people to bait

Explore beaches, jungles, deserts, and more as you photograph over 200 Pokmon? so you must buy dlc for the rest 600+ pokes

Which New Games Do You Want For Nintendo Direct?

mirror trees kinda exist its a technique used to find ansestors

It looks so good, can`t wait to see how pokemon interact in their natural environment


Date for sinnoh remake please

No longer tree

I don`t get these games but no doubt my kids will want this day 1.

Thanks for finally remembering this game.

So amazing. This game looks so beautiful.

STOP MAKING YOUR PROFESSORS SO HOT All I ask for is the ability to take as many photos of Snorunt as I want. If we can do that, I`m good. If I can`t, I`m still good. No hard feelings, I`m looking forward to this either way :D

Everybody: Looks beautiful , amazing this is on switch! Gamefreak: Why this looks so much better than S/S??

It ain`t normal that this game looks better than Sword and Shiel...

Honestly, Gamefreak should be fired if they can`t even put out the work for the main-line RPG series. Especially in the graphics department when you can see something like this done for a spin off, by a much more competent dev team.

Thx Bandai Namco for Making another amazing looking Game!! :D I think Gamefreak could take some notes for next time lmao Also the obligatory SaveSmash SaveSplatoon n all that

Jesus I thought this was smash I jolted in my chair

The boy is kinda hot

They legit put more effort into their spin-off than their main line title its so true its sad :( I am soo excited for this!!!

too bad blockbuster doesnt let you print your photos out anymore

Dead game, no one cares.

There is no such thing as a mirror tree

Nintendo`s path to Mickey Mouse Switch sales - Weak console market - Injured Mark Cerny - Carried by Reggie - Helped by Miyamoto Switch sales do not count because it is rigged and it has an asterisk. Hope this helps.

make an actual pokemon game like this, boom, you have more of my money

It`s like Let`s Go had a huge glow up. I love it!

Finally a good looking Pokmon game, and it`s not made by Game Freak!

THAT`S what we`ve been waiting for! ay this game kinda sick ya Professor mirror??? Guess we are done with the tree thing

Why doesnt Sword and Shield look like that ? :( I feel so scammed...

Imagine being doomed with the last name of "Mirror"

So there`s reasons to play again and again to see them behave differently? Sign me up.

I knew it wasnt gonna happen but I was hoping oak would have returned Im super excited for this! N64 Pokmon Snap was a true treasure.

i will PAY someone to write me this essay

Hey pikachu want me to take a quick pic of you and sell you on wish


THIS is how SwSh should`ve looked like!

Yep, it`s a beautiful game. Let`s hope the RPG games will reach that point someday. Mirror is not a tree

Kinda messed up to be seeing all of these Pokemon in their natural habitats and then think that people snatch them up and imprison them in tiny balls.

wait thats the games title????

okay BUT The child in me is freaking out RN

I legit forgot about this

Bandai namco can make a better looking game than game freak, thats crazy.

Ah yes that is why its new

Shinies confirmed.

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