As we investigate an issue, voice chat has been

June 25, 2021, 1:31 am
As we investigate an issue, voice chat has been
As we investigate an issue, voice chat has been temporarily disabled on Android. We`ll provide an update when voice chat is re-enabled on the platform.

fix Creative XP instead pls

Bro whyyyyy

I dont know how many other people are experiencing this issue but since the 17.10 update, every weapon or item I pick up, it automatically swaps to that weapon or item. So if I had my AR out, and picked up some minis, it would swap to the minis without me pressing the button.

I would like to say could you fix the superhero skins in arena when I load into arena with the superhero skin it turns it into a default

All Week 3 Epic Challenges Guide. How to complete fix it for Xbox thanks

LESGO I CAN USE MY OPPO androidforlife

Fix voice chat for xbox when it tells u to press x to switch to fortnite party chat and it never works

Finally Been Waiting All Day

thanks means alot

Voice chat is now re-enabled for Android players. it isn`t working on my pc pls

When do you think is going to be back up

Noooo bro, I was about to play arena trios. Now I cant talk

fix it for Xbox as well

wait no wander why but im not upset i just heard the fact when i talk it did not work

nobody cares fix creative

Why everyone hate Android I play Android so you hate me great

Could you fix gathering? Cant pick up cabbages so I could rapidly eat them

My Voice chat had been broken for months now plz fix it !!

I would like to VOICE my opinion that TEAM RUMBLE needs a REVERT PLEASE

Disabled on who?

There always issues with voice Chat mics on Android :/

let me use superhero or give me money

Give us superhero refund token

Darn now I cant talk to my bot account

Fixing? REALLY what about Fps? more framedrops btw i have flagship phone not a freaking potato all i did is to Overclock my Gpu 905mhz and performance mode cpu but still not enough

already brings an optimization, please

Fix xbox voice chat

What`s the issue? Huh? C`mon explain it bro no one plays on android

nah bro are you serious

Bring back fortnite on iphone!


Bring back party hub please


Mine dosent even work if I`m in a party with people in the game

i forgot that fortnite still functions on some mobile devices

Finally you guys are fixing it thank you it has been very awkward when other people can hear me when I`m in party chat

How to install Fortnite on android please ?

Fix the Xbox game party. Everytime we returning to lobby while I. loading screen we get kicked out. Im so sick of it. Very frustrating

its also disabled on IOS , can you maybe look in to that too ?

noone cares about android

Who play on android

Update this ratio

I get like 2 fps on my android the game is not optimized at all

has it been disabled on ios too

is this where u leave us without VC for months???!

RIP to the Little Timmy`s.

My game chat wont work on Xbox

Pls can I get a respond from someone with slot of followers and a follow

All five android players are screaming

You`re saying this like it`s the majority of people that play the game

Rip to the 6 people that still play on Android

android more like assdroid amirite

Yay they are fixing it let`s go

They dont care, they can just get in a phone call LOL

Ok cool. Now remove Rail Guns from One Shot please. Thx.

Dead game + ratio + who has a android

Dont care + Ratio

iOS better android trash

L to the potato phone users

Dead game plus ratio

Rip to those 3 people

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