As a society don`t we wantonly gives add, age

July 27, 2021, 4:13 pm
As a society don`t we wantonly gives add, age
As a society don`t we wantonly gives add, age & phone in guest registers at residential societies, our pan & aadhaar to courier & postman etc ? Am OK for govt to snoop on my data if that serves national interest & security. This lack of trust in elected govt is an alarmist idea.

Sir. My phone /data.. I have been snooping since sixty years. Snooping, checking, rechecking, Nothing came..Out of the data.. Only misery.. You wish to snoop into my account/data..DO IT ..! Maybe you can create... Something.. Too much "natak.. " God bless you...! What does the Govt gain from snooping on ordinary people like us. Why should they spend time & money on that. Only the activities of suspected terrorists, anti-national politicians, journalists, need to be monitored in the interest of the country`s security. MMS also justified it

This issue is not WITH ELECTED GOVT. It is with the selected beauraucracy which is untrustworthy and greedy for power and money with no or less accountability... any way this opinion is not related to pegausus. It is to aadhar.. so except that part I fully agree with yours.

MMS justified snooping for national interest and here this man questioning it.

when somebody is not involved with unlawful or anti-national activities, what they have to hide? This is not the first time, Congress did it many time past from Nehruian time I have no problem with snooping by government, if you are in politics be transparent

Save it from anti-nationalist and fraudsters...the only thing that I want from Indian national agencies..

The whole privacy debate is solely aimed at protecting tax-evaders & anti-nationals. Same reason why they opposed Aadhar and same reason why PAN has not yet been fully linked with Aadhar.

Well said...this is wt distraction to stall developmental activities stall upcoming bills... Did you hear about the famous anecdote Chor ki dhaadi mein tinka. Some people seem to be more rattled than those claiming to have been snooped upon. Why so?

Only the politicians and the anti nationals and those who evade taxes need to be afraid of snooping. The common man is least bothered. All these scare about privacy is total humbug. The oppn does not want the govt a performing govt. They r into digging their own grave.

We never worry about privacy while allowing free android apps access to our telephone. So a Chinese server can a store all my mobile data but how dare my govt do that.

He just used a Chinese phone to type out the tweet. What if Chinese have installed a back door ? What abt the Android OS backdoors. What abt all the apps installed which maybe sharing your data ? There are no end to what ifs..? What abt INC hiring Cambridge Analytica ?

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