wow this is embarassingly credulous water-carrying https://t

June 27, 2021, 8:13 am
wow this is embarassingly credulous water-carrying https://t
wow this is embarassingly credulous water-carrying

legions of American tech journalists

The word little is carrying a credulous amount of water here.

Apple has given up on its own app approval process to weed out (especially) games and utilities which spy on you. Their chief weapon now is to bring transparency to location and site tracking. But those techniques would work equally well with side loading.

Does that mean, Mac OS is not secure?

I do agree with the platform choice argument, if people want "open" or side loading, they can always go android instead. I chose Apple specifically because didn`t wanna deal with any of that. The people who want this are a very small but vocal part of the user base.

Reality is most customers dont want it or care - but oh the tech press do so now we get pointless articles about how Apple should do xyz, even though its blatant they will go to the grave not doing it. As Apple is confident in saying - get an Android. See how many actually do

Its pure technobabble and its shameful. Didnt Jobs once claim allowing apps would lead to hacking cell towers, or am I remembering wrong?

thats because Android as an experience is garbage in comparison Nilay

I think you just made my weekly Nilay referencing AT&T bingo

We need a go90 equivalent for goAT&T

Back when Android first hit the market I would sideload many apps. So in the 8 years I have used android, I have never had a virus. The phones always work great and when there was as software glitch it wasn`t crippling. HOWEVER on the iPhone I used for a short time (1/2)

In 2020 Apple deactivated 244 million customer accounts due to fraudulent and abusive activity, including fake reviews. It also rejected 424 million attempted account creations due to fraudulent and abusive patterns. Thats a little?

Its infuriating, drives me nuts, too.

An app you can delete, and malware you often cant, are not the same thing. The open platform blah blah approach is great for some people. Other people just want a phone that works. Signed, someone who hates fixing relatives phones over the holidays.

Ive used it. I use it every few years on a hero device. I cant stand it. I can side load on Android or on iOS. So the arguments Apple is making dont hold up, even to someone like me that loves their products and cant stand Android.

Apple gave access to someone who already agrees with them? Really?

It works now?

I think often of this tweet, re: people who want to ruin what makes the iPhone so good Sideloading is what one percent of users would do ten percent of their time. Who cares? Yes, theres *a* sense in which popular means most widely-used. But mostly, popular connotes something being liked for its qualities Eg, while popular music is inoffensive & acceptable to a wide swath of America, people who say they love music seek out something else

It`s like JohnDeere trying to legally prevent farmers from being able to work on their own tractors. What is your proposed solution for this issue?

Want the best security and privacy possible? Don`t sideload apps. The end.

When your friends call you about malware on Windows and youre ok because you use a Mac and you side load lots of applications that dont live in the App Store

And that in order to enable side loading on Android you have to take very explicit step.

They could allow it and then wave any kind of warranty, leaving the onus on the user. There has to be middle ground. Ive used Android, rarely sideloaded apps. It was there. It worked when I did. Did it change life? Not really. This is a monetary control issue on all sides.

Amazing how often the tech press writes about "how things are" based on nothing but an amalgamation of press releases.

Apple is acting as a luxury brand and its always tried to have control over aspect that can hurt its reputation (be it customer satisfaction and or plain image). So another [naive] analogy for side-loading could be Apple not trying to destroy its counterfeits, no?

I agree so much with this. I challenge you to work a week at a Verizon store and youll understand. Having people coming in with broken Android phones due to malware is far from rare.

That does speak volumes in its own way

I hope that the people championing iOS security aren`t using that insecure (As stated by Apple under oath) platform know as MacOS.

THAT was the correct saying.

I feel the same way with WhatsApp and how it flies under the radar (generally speaking) in the US tech press. Im not exaggerating when I say Ive used iMessage/FaceTime like twice in my life because my family revolves around WhatsApp.

With y`all on this one^

I just wrote an entire column about how the power of defaults has suffocated every Android marketplace other than Google Play. Sigh.

Hope Apple paid for that because doing that for free? Sheesh

Anyway, Verizon used to make this exact same argument about enabling WiFi on their phones because only their cell network could be guaranteed to be secure. You die a hero or live long enough to become AT&T You made it to the article? Haven`t multiple companies stopped paying bounties for iOS zero days?

They all carry Palm Pixis, right?

Tried to read this but the amount of pop-over full-screen ads and auto-playing video I encountered in the first 5 seconds made me nope out. Guess I`ll go sideload an ad blocker!

i dunno man, all MY friends have been calling me in a panic, telling me their phone has been hit by malware!

One thing that remains true (and which frustrates on the regular!) is that Android is the *most popular operating system on the planet* and legions of tech journalists have never used it and have no idea how it works

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