as a lumine traveler player myself, it is getting

September 19, 2022, 5:06 pm
as a lumine traveler player myself, it is getting
as a lumine traveler player myself, it is getting frustrating to see less and less people acknowledging the canon abyss princess lumine in favor for traveler lumine

To me the canon traveler is the one you choose

Actually I`m quite sad sometimes that the Abyss twin (which is Lumine for me) has more voice lines than my own playable twin (Aether). Also how is is poorly written when we dont even know their reasons, backstory etc?

why to choose aether? aether traveler abyss princess lumine

Maybe because they dont play that bullsh*t canon game like some people do. They chose Lumine because they legitimately wanted her to be their traveler its that simple. That canon nonsense is exactly thatnonsense.

Well yeah because there is no "canon" traveler since they deliberately designed the game around them being interchangeable for a reason. The primary reason aether is handled as such just boils down to marketing since it`s a weifu focused game. It`s just silly to focus on this.

Feeling frustrated because people favor traveler Lumine stole your candy hmmmm

How is lumine canon abyss twin..?

I feel like lumine fits abyss princess more than Aether because he doesn`t look scary at all, he looks quite dull in fact but as Traveler he fits the role beautifully. Lumine shows so much more emotion, power, she`s scarier compared to aether so she simply fits the role better.

She`s hotter as the abyss princess,but I chose her for the "hey girlie hold still" line

For me she will always be the traveler, it just fits so much better

- when people state that abyss lumine is the default,its almost always as a result of them wanting aether to be canon protag,hence why i tweeted out my perspective as a lumine traveler myself. because im tired to be grouped under all lumine players wish she was canon traveler

adding some extra clarification bc this is sadly still blowing up - i tweeted this for a small audience, i didnt expect it to leave it - im not an aether fanboy please do not call me that, lumine is in my top 10 characters list regardless of what her role is

That`s smth I get annoyed for weeks but I don`t want to share my opinion on it because I`ll get attack by salty Lumine "fans"

Abyss Lumine is mommy so I appreciate her

Yeah so what? What are they supposed to ship, chilaether?

I just see her as both lol. I like seeing her as abyss princess the most but as I navigate Tyvat I can`t imagine being aether so my head is just Lumine/Lumine all the time

Dude what exactly is wrong with favoring traveler lumine tho? Everyone has different taste why cant you just respect that and move on?

your playthrough is canon for your game, but hyv needs a promotional mc and abyss royalty and they chose aether for the mc, the fact that theres even a choice shows that its not important to the game which you choose and its up to personal preference. but lumine is the-

I love both Lumine and Aether as the traveler, but Lumine as the Abyss Princess is just chef kiss

They dont care they can see them its their ego that want lumine to be equal or more than aether they are still angry that aether getting 1 more art its not about art it ego

Like I love Abyss Lumine, it`s clear she was always advertised as that, like in the we will be reunited trailer, I`d rader see her as the abyss twin than Aether tbh

When that anime comes out, you just know Aether is going to be the main protagonist I just dont like his clothes or hair, so I chose Lumine

yess!! i choose aether as traveller, and im happy about that because lumine as abyss princess is AMAZING and i absolutly love her, the dynamic? sister being one that is powerful?? can`t wait for the endgame to get destroyed and cry because of her

whats wrong with wanting traveler lumine? i started playing as traveler lumine and theres nothing wrong with wanting more traveler lumine, theres already less than crumbs for lumine players

the way you said "canon" is what make people frustrated tho. It as if saying people who play as lumine traveler is not canon. Personally for me I prefer that both traveler and abyss twin are all lumine. Whichever POV we gonna focus on, I just like female protagonist.

I choose traveler lumine for my playthrough and I love that the sister is chasing after her brother. Also the abyss twin plays such a huge role in the lore of teyvat, maybe even more than the traveler. Aranara quest was very telling in that area.

i dont know why ppl get mad to aerher being the canon traveler and lumine the canon abyss princess....

first: dainlumi second: shes way cooler as abyss princess.. sorry to all aether mains but hes a bebe he cant do evil even tho hes the abyss prince in my play through third: enjolumi as princess and her servant is better than enjolumi as traveler and enemy

Yeah and I bet even in the genshin anime project Lumine is going to be the abyss twin Bc thats the overarching canon that Mihoyo chose. Salty Lumine players need to understand theres no wrong choice in main character just bc one version is the marketed canon.

It`s not that I don`t recognize Lumine as the Princess of the Abyss, it`s just that I wish we could have more Genshin Art with her in it

As someone who picked Lumine purely because I thought she was prettier than Aether, seeing these debates online is so funny. Aether is hyv poster boy, they needed a traveler and abyss sibling for marketing purposes and it just so happened that`s how it ended up.

If it was canon the early marketing material wouldn`t have shown traveller Lumine at all and you wouldn`t be able to pick her. The canon is what appears in your game, nothing else.

god abyss lumine has glorious vibes. just. abyss princess. it makes chilumi so much spicier

I joined a discord for lumine but anytime I brought up abyss! lumine or show fanart of her, everyone ganged up on me

I chose lumine at first cause I thought Id make more sense for me to be female but now I really wanna switch to Aether just so I could see lumine be a badass abyss Princess

Abyss lumine is my fav she is such a girlboss

this. i have lumine as my traveller and i also love her as the abyss princess. Can we just love both roles?? it`s not even that deep for them to hate one role from the other.

all the people replying to this with something like "yeah. Lumine is so hot as abyss princess" are just so to me it just feels so iffy

imagine getting mad when aether is displayed on every single piece of hyv official art. his VA is on the livestreams too. to flip this around, why cant people acknowledge aether as the abyss prince? Let the lumine traveller ppl have smth for once.

I just feel she`s so much cooler to be the abyss twin. I can`t take A3ther seriously with his pouty face

Yeah but its not cannon, aether is just the poster boy hyv literally said theyre both cannon travelers therefore both cannon abyss leaders. Im not saying this to argue thats literally what is cannon

All I can see is no canon traveler in either role

Just one thing. If Lumine is not a canon, why we can choose her as traveler in game? Thats doesnt make any sense. I choose Lumine in game, so Aether is abyss prince for me. Its simple. But mhy never face up to this problem. Lumine stans are hopeless and upset.

people want to see a female lead but fail to realize she is the 2nd lead. she is just as important to the story without having to be the traveller. its annoying that people force traveller lumine down our throats (i am also a lumine traveller)

i honestly love her as both, actually i love both for both lol. i personally dont care for if theyre the traveller or abyss prince/ss but for the fact i was able to choose lol. i just get upset at people fighting over whos the better twin, like ?? it`s dumb

I know one popular theory is that the twins having been looping and swapping rolls in Teyvat for much longer than they realize so we just chose what loop to be in. So the official media we see is also just from one abyss Lumi loop but things have happened both ways around.

I mean both Lumine and Aether are the MC, the story changes based on who you chose.

Lumine being Canon abyss twin mean people will look at her as `evil` when she is not, that will make more people hate her. That alone make me prefer her as traveler. Beside nothing wrong Lumine being as traveler, she was bubble and cheerful one as it so why it bother you so much

Im honestly confused what does /that group/ even mean?? I acknowledge lumine can play either role, why does it matter

They just chose her to represent the abyss twin in promotional stuff it would be confusing for new players if both twins were used

imo especially since lumine is portrayed as the outgoing and emotional one. Her decisions of joining the abyss will have more weight to it on as why she did it.

And what about it? Who am I hurting lets stop expecting all people to think the same as you

half of the reason i chose aether is because abyss princess lumine is so. so pretty. so amazing so beautiful

Hoyoverse confirmed both travelers are canon and before the game gaining popularity Lumine was the face of the adds.

Ill favor traveler Lumine until the day I die and so what, let us live

muting this because how did this tweet spiral into people telling me that the abyss twin is being handled poorly/terribly written

Im talking about sitting down and actually talking to them. I havent done the quest bc I dont play anymore but from what I did play, they couldve shown cutscenes of abyss twin and abyss planning things to flesh out the character. You shouldnt feel-

The problem is that the abyss twin isnt fleshed out so its literally a good reason why ppl dont care about them bc you barely even see them nor even know why theyre doing what theyre doing exactly.

its so annoying when people say there is no canon cause there is. the fact their IS choice is because otherwise theres either a no female option or b you gotta make customization or c a third design thats just a straight up genderbend like in pokemon for example red is canon 1/2

genshin fans need to play a pokemon game fr

Imagine not wanting to see one of the Harbringers or Pyro Archon introduced by a cutscene of them fighting Abyss Lumine. Just headcanon, but we have to see them fight before our inevitable confrontation and a tie/win against someone super powerful would be a cool way for it.

Its just annoying seeing only her as the Abyss Twin in official promo images & such like cant we mix it up a bit?? Plus I have a very specific HC that when both twins meet for a final battle, it`ll go like this. It wont work the other way around in my mind. Abyss Princess Lumine the bestest + Khaenri`ah flower on her hair, anyone?

frida get behind me they didnt like this one

I may be wrong but I think its on CN server. Not global yet.

Never implied that you didnt? Im just giving my opinion. And I dont think it should be a big deal to include her more. As Im see the teapot lines arent actually canonical interactions with the travelers but fan service for the players.

@Kaifroggg and they started to do both lumine and aether versions for the birthday chibi arts for awhile now

Look, abyss lumine is such a girlboss and I like the empowerment with her role and everything. But its not bad to want more official art of her. We barely get any. If you want you can take it as customer service. Something so small as Chibi birthday art wont affect the lore.

And thanks for being civil lol i know this debate can get a lot of people going

I get what you mean as well! To get back to your og tweet: I agree that abyss lumi should definitely be acknowledged, as she`s what hyv uses in trailers etc for continuity. In the end she`s both, canon abyss princess and canon traveler. Just like aether is as well!

but that`s something i said too, the design is clearly different and they know that but, when i played this quest i just felt like the devs didn`t know what to say for lumine travelers? it felt like an empty scene that didn`t make a lot of sense, i feel like they made a mistake +

i pay attention and ik she`s canon abyss twin for hyv (specially bc of design) but i just dont think *personally* that they will show a reason for us players in the endgame for that, i think they`ll just keep doing what theyve been doing, story being the same for lumine travelers

i get what ur saying but i really don`t think that there`s a special reason for her to be used as canon abyss princess by mihoyo, imo they show aether as protag bc of the target audience+convenience for trailers, and the reason we can choose both is just for player interactivity

Bro took it personally

I can definitely get behind that. I think both twins work in both roles, I just personally don`t really like when people call one of them more canon than the other! :( In my game lumi is the canon traveler and in someone else`s game, it`s Aether. They can both be canon travelers

I just simply prefer Lumine as the traveler and aether as the abyss prince. Thats it. I like how aether sounds more emotional as abyss twin than lumine, who sounds more cold. That`s just my personal preference and why I`ll see lumine as the traveler. Nothing wrong with it lol

i see, i just wish we saw her more is all, not just hearing about her. even just flashbacks like the one in the chasm, i might be overlooking things so dont take my comment as a solid argument lol. i like lumine as an mc more personally but i get the appeal of abyss too.

i like abyss lumine, but im tired of the brother being the mc and the sister being the side character that needs saving for example just look at demon slayer.

I mean why put the choice at all and give both the twins different personalities and only show one narrative. It doesn`t harm anyone if more people acknowledge traveler lumine, especially as a bi woman I want to see a fem! protag in a gacha game.

completely agree with there needing to be a canon person in each role for the sake of continuity and plot in general. i personally love aether and lumine both and i imagine my traveler as myself. but arguing over canon is how you get homestuck 2 so let`s NOT do that rofl

yeah, that`s why i said "most". Personally i can see Lumine as both mc and abyss princess But i also would love to see more content about Abyss Prince Aether and Traveller Lumine outside the game. I think it would be easier to like abyss prince Aether if we did see him more.

Idk if its anime brain but aether just doesnt rock that abyss prince look for me, his frown is sooo cute? Like what are you doing commanding heralds like that. Lumi can do both

She`s also so much hotter, morally gray women are just so good, i don`t regret choosing aether and doubt i ever will, i don`t mind lumine mains either, most of them who i know are cool people but both the traveler groups got those loud obnoxious stans who are so annoying

I chose lumine too and know she`s canon Abyss twin, i just don`t get why others refuse to accept it. Plus she`s hot as the abyss twin, like c`mon, evil lady, cold face, they all missing out

ur so brave

Is the promotional part not just to keep continuity for those who dont play the game? Like wouldnt sticking with traveler Aether/abyss lumine be less confusing in terms of marketing?

I chose aether as mc so I can see abyss Lumine

I`ve once been literally cussed out for trying to say this, but I guess I`ll say it again Traveler Aether and Abyss Lumine are the "canon" roles for the two, lemme explain myself First I`ll get this out of the way, no, HYV has never stated both are canon.

abyss lumine supremacy shes so much cooler

its always the people who say they cant see lumine as evil when the abyss twin isnt even evil lol like what

and i do believe there will be a reason near the endgame as to why we are able to play as either traveler but have all official promotional content be canonically traveler aether / abyss lumine. but for that we will need to be patient

i love playing as lumine a lot - in my head she is both traveler and abyss princess, but seeing /that/ group just not acknowledge abyss lumine at all when she is going to be a huge factor near the endgame narrative is very...

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