Are You Team @Xbox Or Team @PlayStation ? @Xbox

June 12, 2021, 2:58 am
Are You Team @Xbox Or Team @PlayStation ? @Xbox
Are You Team Or Team ?

Yes exactly!! I love and stream on both!!

@eightbitbeanzie Your*

They really are I was nearly crying hahaha!! It really is!! So amazing!!!

Right!!!! I have the elite one, that thing was epic, and my friends got me the elite 2 for my elderly birthday and Im in love!!

Yeeeeee!!! Yeah I do like the playstation 4 controller, but the Xbox controller has always been just a fav of mine, just so comfy and beautiful

Def team

Definitely PlayStation. Have had every PS console since the original and am absolutely loving the PS5! I do have an original Xbox though. Must fire that up again soon.


I`ve just only ever bought playstations I had the xbox 360 and I kept getting the red ring of death so I`ve refused to buy it since. My whole family games and we`ve all got playstations so we can play together


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