Apple the most desired brand for tablets and desktops, according to survey

December 6, 2013, 4:21 pm
Apple the most desired brand for tablets and desktops, according to survey

Dell has traditionally been the most popular maker of "traditional" desktop computers, but this title now apparently belongs to marvel-company Apple.
Not only Cupertino surpassed Dell in the desktop category, but the brand is also (quite understandably we may add, since they started it all themselves) the most desirable brand in tablets too. 

Parks Associates study shows that Apple also dominates the market as the most 
popular streaming media device maker as well.
According to the 
marketing research company`s annual survey, f
or the past two years Dell held the crown of the 
most popular desktop computer brand, but it is now left behind by Apple. Dell is currently second, while HP is third, Acer forth and ASUS fifth.
Interestingly, in the tablets category, 
Parks Associates€™ survey give 
Amazon€™s Kindle Fire an extremely good second position, while Samsung holds the third one, followed by Microsoft and Acer.
The desktop computer sales are in a definite decline worldwide, giving Microsoft a headache for sure, leading the company to aggressively promote its own Surface tablets even harder, to compete with iOS and Android-based slates.
The future of computing seems indeed a portable one, and with mobile processors getting so much faster and cheaper these days, there is no reason for traditional desktop PCs not to be just a relic of the past, in just a few years from now.
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