Apple`s brand new iPad Air explodes in Australia

November 11, 2013, 6:06 pm
Apple`s brand new iPad Air explodes in Australia

Even though for many Apple 
has just brought to the market the best iPad yet, t
he iPad mini 2 Retina, for others this title belongs to the bigger brother, 
the new iPad Air.What has happened though in a Vodafone Store in Australia, might make many people think again!
An iPad Air demo tablet at an Australian Vodafone Store basically exploded, causing an evacuation over concerns about safety of the Vodafone Store`s workers and clients.
Apple`s device basically burst into fire, with smoke and flames coming out of the iPad`s charging port. Fortunately, no-one of the Vodafone Store workers or customers was hurt.
After the incident which took place last Wednesday, the local Fire Department arrived to put out the fire, followed by Apple`s representatives who collected the broken tablet for testing and finding out what exactly went wrong with the gadget.
Even though this is the first report of an iPad Air bursting into flames, earlier this year a Chinese woman was killed after picking up her iPhone to answer a call.The tragic event was blamed on 
electric shock
 and while there is still not clear information as to what exactly caused it, a faulty copy-cat iPhone charger could be the culprit.
Apple has not made any comment on the Australian incident and hasn`t officially admitted even that it actually happened, even if Vodafone Australia confirmed it to both 
CNBC and The Australian...
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