Apple just made $124 billion in a single quarter

January 28, 2022, 3:08 pm
Apple just made $124 billion in a single quarter
Apple just made $124 billion in a single quarter . Building great product with hyper focus pays.

Apple products are my third favorite drugjust behind long term compounding and weed

And slave labor from China

They rn dont have a great product. They have distribution, market monopoly in developed countries and brand value

Made? Its revenue sir thick head

Tim Cook just doesnt have it

Hyper focused on the exploitation of near slave labor?

how much did Box make? are you still in business?

Iss the same phone bro. Were just stuck. What are we gonna do - get an android

Building great product with hyper focus on customers psychology

Hyper focus. Hyper focus. And build a product that can expand its ecosystem.

Branding, marketing, ecosystems and putting a core product in the users hand with a negative margin does pay.

$124b was revenue, not earnings

They are about to take my money

Or get a cult. Either works.

And the best way they thought to spend their capital was to develop the AirTag.

I don`t get what is the great product they are producing? covering the same thing in different wrappers each year

is not just a best tech company, it is the best marketing company as well. Apple ecosystem is designed like a black hole nothing comes back from it

...and duopoly in mobile across the entire stack helps.

Wrong! Building the `planned obsolescence` protocol into their products pays.

What great product? They lack behind in basic features that other phones have standard. Minimizing data storage on devices. Next season we will have 2 new colors Red and Blue.

Bring back jobs to the US and stop having sweat shop jobs in china and the rest of asia. Better pay and unions. But we are going to spend $60 billion on a usless car that looks like a mouse but its shiny.

Focus on marketing underrated

Building a quality product that lasts pays off.

Planned obsolescence & continually changing overpriced adapters/accessories of poor quality does not hurt.

Focus is no longer what qualifies apple secret sauce.

And great people. Very careful with hiring, and they reap the rewards

Nothing like being a monopoly with no regulation.

The alien space colony in Andromeda just made $124 gigajillion, silly human

Hardware enabled subscriptions ftw.

Great products made by ouighu slaves with coltan extracted by kids in Congo. Yeah, great brand.

Also rent extracting from their platform and taking cuts from artists/coders...

Also important lesson on having inventory in stock pays.

These companies thrive because they just follow only one RULE! - Making their old products look really OLD

*perception of a great product

Distribution pays. Distribution is apple`s current product (if product is what ppl buy). Many ppl buy apple now because it`s too uncomfortable socially for most to not be an apple person / routine. Apple leading in product innovation (by def) was over 10 years ago now.

Youre welcome Apple. My apartment looks like the Apple store.

Its because they got rid of the damn touch bar Not sure how focused they are or have been. They tried a lot of stuff and still do. A few of them hit. One hit BIG

Helps having slave labor too

The irony here in this thread is that majority of them are iPhone users.

They made a fortune because he had to hand over his technology to China in exchange for market access. He sold out. Short term gain will turn into long term pain. Everything he does is short sighted. Hes living on Steve Jobs inventions. Hes done NADA himself. Except buybacks.

Haha I dont even know which product

or just ripping their customers off with mediocre products?

I think it`s them building a great ecosystem with hyper focus now that`s paying off. The product piece was taken care of 10 years ago.

I dare say that apple stopped being good at product about 7ish years ago. coasting on network effects since.

Along with colluding with china

*near slave labour* pays

Hyper focus is the only way to build great products.

Greatest company in the history of the world. Not close

So are we just going to totally ignore the branding part?

They did that in revenue dude. Made around $32 bil.

Running a monopoly on digital goods distribution helps too.

Using cheap or slave overseas labor helps them make this much money. Imagine if Apple made a 100% Made in America phone?

we can`t let Jerome find out about this, or he is going to say something unnecessarily scary.

I dont see any reason they wont continue to gain market share. Most of what they do works really well. But it does amaze me how bad some of their teams are. Time Machine for one is complete garbage.

`s a Supply chain expert navigating a Supply chain crisis - no wonder Apple is crushing it !!

India only has a potential of 100m customers

1MM usd per minute not bad

also of great help are idiots who [1]pay $20 for a cloth [2]$700 to repair a laptop impacted by a single drop of water instead of repairing at home using $2 isop alcohol [3] paying for every fckng usb. can`t differentiate between fans and stupids anymore.

and theyll lose 10% of it by this time next year cuz theyre on the fiat standard

Made? ... revenue and profits are quite different!

How you build,package and market the solution matters a lot. Apple is pretty consistent when it comes to all that

Maybe Box should give that a shot

Meh, only if you are good at appeasing legacy, I mean institutional share holders at quarterly earnings $TSLA

~30% of that shouldn`t be theirs. Monopolies pay.

Drawing generalized conclusions from Apple and Steve Jobs is tempting.

Insane. More so when we look at their margin, customer affinity, and the opportunity to grow. They are scratching the surface in India for instance.

The words apple and Aaron blended when skimming this tweet, so I thought Box made $124 billion in a single day

should buy box and replace iCloud with it.

Throttling old phones so that you have to buy the new one has nothing to do with it Im sure

Id say consistency is the one that pays

With new products, emerging global middle classes, gaining market share on iPhone and Mac, theyre on target for a $1T year before 2030. Its mind-boggling.

Extorting developers and taxing them heavily really pays. Creating jobs in China, not the home country, transferring IP and teaching Chinese workers, and helping a foreign dictator to violate human rights also pay really well.

Build great product with hyper focus (that are hard to replicate).

Using anti-competitive measures, enabling Chinese surveillance & censorship and profitting from Uyghur forced labor pays off. Indeed.

What can do to build a great product . The focus for should be on / Twitter Communities to get everyone who texts to tweet, which is like group texts.

Would be awesome to see other companies deliver such high quality year after year.

HA! A quarter is only worth $0.25, stupid Apple.

$1.4B a day to put into perspective. Thats a lot of iPhones

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