Apple is going to have vaccine passports apps as

July 25, 2021, 9:08 pm
Apple is going to have vaccine passports apps as
Apple is going to have vaccine passports apps as permanent features pre installed on all iPhones. There will be no getting away from these apps designed to control our every move, except ditching our smart phones.

Switching to the dumbest phone I can find.

This is why so never update my phone.

Damn I just bought 12 Pro MAX! Will have to ditch it!!

Im preparing for that day.

If need be I`ll ditch phones all together. I don`t use apple and if it gets to android bye bye phone

Some shops on Etsy do them too.

Or putting them in a Faraday pouch. This is why my iphone stays at home now, I have been an apple buyer for about 15 years now, when this phone dies it dies and won`t be replaced. I have a little nokia for emergencies. I managed 35 years of my life without a phone let alone a smart one, I can do it again.

Looks like I wont be using apple after this one!

Time to get my old Nokia out. .

That`s one phone I`ve never had, and never will now.

I have this installed on my handset and it works great. Designed by a Linux guru. Android OS with all of the google spy services stripped out. Take a look. Yes there is... Don`t buy apple... Hack your Windows and HACK your Android device. I did BOTH!

time to ditch the smart phones

You can delete the health app you dont have to have it on your phone

Might be timely to invest in a phone that actually respects privacy and security They already have exposure things that you can turn off. Having said that, Im definitely looking for a big-tech free alternative to the iPhone when my contract ends. Anyone have any suggestions for a good, open smart phone?

We are too addicted.

Im sure Im not the only one whose phone dies regularly when out. Half the time, I end up paying on the bus as I cant access my pre paid ticket on the app & theyve done away with the card.

That`s one bad Apple I intend to avoid.

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