Apple is blocking a release of our @gnosissafe mobile

September 15, 2021, 5:49 am
Apple is blocking a release of our @gnosissafe mobile
Apple is blocking a release of our mobile app because we display NFTs in it. After 2 weeks of back-and-forth, I felt that we need to talk publicly about this to raise awareness. See the thread for details and why this might affect other wallets and apps as well.

Sounds like is pushing their weight around. Its like they didnt learn the lesson from the court ruling. digitalgangstas thisiscrypto Our experience is that the review panel at the App Store can be quite inconsistent as well. Really sorry to hear this happened (were working on NFT support for our iOS/android version of too!) web3 wallet providers like us should come together to voice this

Hey. Appeal doesn`t work, bcs they are hided behind call center and do nothing. We have to create coalition and fight them. It`s not a "human mistake" they like to catch part of NFT market fees (and they violate even own guidelines for it)

Apple also blocks DApps in Trust Wallet. I love my iPhone, but considering the things they block, not to mention them implementing their own spyware, maybe it`s time to to get an Android?

Skundd like Wallet war....

fwiw, Apple SVP Eddy Cue is on the board of an NFT platform that I assume will have an app or want their NFTs visible in iPhone wallets: This feels related to Apple`s policy of only allowing purchases to go through Apple Pay, as they likely feel sending NFTs circumvents this. Considering they just got sued (and lost) over that policy, I wonder if this could end being related? I haven`t dug into the court order.

Not cool Not exactly the same issue, but many other issues which are pointed to in-app purchase. They should treat web3 wallets the same way as web browsers.

I use to purchase digital gift cards to stores. Apparently, that`s not considered an in-app purchase. How is purchasing an NFT different?

BTW, enable in-app purchase might be a "solution" NFTs are tradable and non-fungible rights with the ownership and transaction rules recorded on the blockchain. Tradable rights related to digital content are just part of it. Need to educate them more.

F apple and all their expensive igarbage!

Dont use apple, simple as that.

Im going to save thread to when Apple comes after your business!! Lols no monopolies here

The MetaMask app stores my NFTs on the app that I bought on my PC

Apps that access Apps!

It looks like that the solution might be more browser apps?

Oh wow this is terrible. So just displaying NFTs is bad for them? But not displaying, say balances of crypto tokens? Are they not both digital tokens with a certain value? This reasoning is so full of holes ...

faced this issue. Had to remove several core features to comply with these terrible App Store listing policies. Their in-app DEX, dApp browser, and even a simple link to their nft marketplace were all in violation apparently

Wonder why is allowed when they clearly display NFTs as well from wallets

All the more reason to not support Apple products. Speak with your money folks not just words. It`s the only way these companies will ever listen and learn to change their tune. Otherwise you just enable them.

Dinosaurs will die Hardware control is inevitable. We need the web3 phone.

How are other apps able to provide this service and you`re not?

hh.. In the future, Apple will be garbage like Nokia. understood.

Pretty much their concern is in app purchases that are not supporting their belly, uhm i mean apple pay will not get through. You`re selling stuff and they`re not making something out of it. Oh the red linea you have crossed

Why do they let Metamask on the store then cause they display NFTs in the app?

Skip the gatekeepers. Never was a fan and supporter of it. Just skip them until they change their mentality or they gone.


The NFT`s only usecase is taxfraud. Why would you need to look at them in some app? You just need them stored safe and then evade tax like a real pro.

More illegal trade practices from Apple.

Does it also apply to Safari loading up e.g. I mean, that shows pre-purchased digital items which aren`t available in App Store

I only know that the workaround is to use TestFlight so apple users can still use the app. I sincerely hate this when apple does whatever it wants.

Its nice that you think this is a human issue. Apple has been consistency attacking removing and disabling digital wallets on their iPhones for years. They just don`t like us thats it.

While youre at it, tell Apple to use a spellcheckeryoure worth at least that courtesy.

What about displaying bank deposit balances in a finance app? Is that prohibited if the funds did not come via in app purchases? Do bank transfer have to now route via app store? Do Airbnb properties have to be bought first from Apple?

Similar for imToken app just recently Also this news, but probably will take a long time until apple changes You`re on the cutting edge of this tech. For the last 3 years I`ve been dealing with Apple`s nonsense policies only to then be approved by some other reviewer. I would suggest you keep submitting it for review while you wait for the board appeal. Good luck. Apple is a pain.

In case anyone is interested in joining the Web3 Mobile development Telegram group, let me know. I agree that this is probably a human issue. Every step you mentioned (original rejection, resounded and app review board) are all junior reviewers. DM me for other methods, but Ill start messaging the execs ASAP. Their logic is flawed.

Yes, an app I worked on years ago was rejected, not for NFT`s (small at the time) but for a dApp browser that facilitated swapping tokens for each other because could not take their cut.

Didnt epic just win over apple on letting third parties allowed to have their own purchasing systems . Does this not apply to wallets?

its unclear if this reflects a broader stance by them or is just a misunderstanding, either way itll be interesting to see how companies that rely heavily on walled gardens will navigate the web3 world

lol android ftw

Wasn`t this just deemed illegal in the case that they lost Is that even possible with Apple`s walled garden?

Wow. I make my living in the arts and have traditionally used apple products for my work---but seeing this intentional crush of creativity---I may have to venture the next time I need a device. Greedy af.

The beginning of the Apple blockchain- I said it first

Hah oh apple is NGMI just release for Android and tell all of your supporters to switch to Android Make them hurt

You might be interested to cover this as this clearly shows Apple extending their IAP policies into ridiculous degree.

i know people who store their NFTs on for iphone

fukin non sense... seems like they dont have any problems with nfts, problem is not purchasing them on the app, which.. why should be needed. tf you just show images, like any app. i dont see difference in that showing image and its metadata, and showing nft and its hashes..dafak

Well, apparently Apple wants to reduce their consumer base. As an iPhone user, Im considering jumping into Android.

have had issues with Apple. Inconsistent and slow to respond.

I know has a Dapp browser, but its an iOS app in itself Arent anyone using WebAssembly, IPFS and Ethereum to disintermediate App Store?

how are we organizing against this?

display NFT just fine ser, and AFAIK it is frequently updated on iOS app store

There is a better way: make your app a web app, deliverable over Nah man it`s 10000% Apple being c*nts

You may have to simply break the NFT viewer out into a separate application that might be able to qualify as a `Reader` application. As-is, the close linkage between signing web3 transactions and display of the purchased items might be too uncomfortable for Apple.

use f-droid for your android app

Why didn`t you tag publicly and directly on your thread so they look into it?

Big surprise - the Epic vs Apple thing was a landmark case, and even for those who hate Epic/Fortnite, they dont realise that Apple needed this shakeup. Apple has historically been against cryptocurrency - theres almost definitely something going on behind the scenes too

I guess this is reason why Yoroi lists address of owned assets but no display.

Maybe web3 needs a decentralized smart phone like device too.

Apple recognizes the value of NFTs and wants their cut. Bullish af. Sorry you have to deal with this.

The gatekeeper said no, thats why Web3 is building bridges not gates! The future is decentralized -

This probably explains why iPad version of some of the web3 apps are just garbage.

How did get around this issue? This is what happens when bureaucrats run the company not engineers!

I thought they just lost this lawsuit

How is rainbow wallet allowed on the platform? There are tons of crypto wallets that are available on the App Store.

Some suggestion: make sure you refer the reviewer to the rule that only prohibits purchasing digital items in-app. digital items purchased out of store are not prohibited by Apple (eg Netflix, amazon kindle, and so many more) if insists: refer to the recent epic judgement

what are they thinking? like plans to create a mechanism through which "Oracles" can vote and confirm the real-world time data being submitted. Read more about Analog here: $LINK $LUNA $DOT $UNI

Check out Ben Thompsons awesome site if you want to understand the ins and outs of IOS bullying stratechery It seems Apple is planning to launch their own NFT app and want to get rid of competition...

I hate apple and their centralized App Store monopoly

You can literally sue them since a similar judgement was made recently regarding the in-app purchases debacle/app store purchases between Epic and Apple.

This is not a human mistake but a pre-consensual corporate decision by Apple. They are a closed system and they are not going to allow any kind of monetary transaction without taking a commission. It already happened with Epic games and fornite game, not new at all

This is very disappointing to see continue to walk this path. Not a good look. It is monopolistic behavior. I will not be buying any of their products or services going forward.


Its a mafia, traditional finances its over! Wake up, stop monopoly apple, thanks! Left we can fly how human bean!

They are already spying on 100% on your pictures. Best thing would be to get rid of Apple products

We need Crypto friendly smart phones with its own permission-less App Store! Anything out there?

Looks like you need to explain that the content is not something you are capable of making available through in-app purchases because it`s not your content. It`s content that users previously purchased via other platforms that exists on the blockchain / public storage networks.

Shame Apple, the centralized god of our creation

Nah, it`s Apples fault. They are definitely to blame. They been pulling crap like this for years.

Unrelated, but can you work on a version of the safe for solana please? multisig for anyone would be an amazing add to solana ecosystem. Thanks

Android app ok tho right?

Is this why we dont have an ETA on mobile?

you should be blaming apple without the apologetics... until proven otherwise.

Making me reconsider switching to Apple soon.

What? Q company with a history of screwing everypne doing that? I wish i could help but these are one of the many things we should expect with the progress in the space.

and this is why non-proprietary solutions are the only way forward. sad that apple is behaving this way. clearly they feel threatened.

but crypto wallets without nft support are ok? i`m quite baffled

WTAF?!!!! Well, there goes my plans for my app :( Let`s hope the Epic case forces them to do otherwise.

Im confused. I have apps that display NFTs. For instance, Zerion.

This doesnt appear to be an issue for I`ve seen that before - unrelated changes causing rejection. There seems to be a random element to it. Since users are mostly unaware of this issues and most devs also don`t care as long as they`re not affected, Apple can keep behaving like this without much backlash.

On that same logic from every cryptocurrency is a digital asset and every exchange like would be affected by this ruling.

That`s why I don`t own a single devices. I limits my freedom.

I`ll summarise, Apple are actually melons. Android is the way

Apple scared NFTs will cut into their in-app purchases profits. Money above everything else for this company.

I was considering some effort to enable this in an upcoming app. Thank you for posting your experience. I will refrain until this flushes out.

Good infos here.

when android...

Don`t get me wrong, I don`t want to blame Apple and still think this is just a human issue. So I`d be happy to work with them to improve the guidelines when it comes to wallets. It needs to be 100% clear what is allowed and what is not.

The restrictive-ness of Spple`s app store and other centralized apps stores will continue to hamper developers, creatives and those in the crypto-blockchain space. Hence the need for the paradigm-shifting that is working to bring an NFT dApps marketplace to reality!

had to remove the dapp browser Though hopefully the Apple v Epic result for alternate in app purchases might see these types of hurdles no longer be an issue

Time to focus on web apps for both desktop and mobile I am afraid. Easier and device agnostic. This until Apple loses badly against Epic and is forced to allow payments outside of the in-app.

We just need to get rid of Apple, they are centralized ;) Devs. converting their website into an APP (PWA) are also punished. Remember this: Apple wants you to use their code & App Store, if you just click on a website & convert it into an App you avoid it, so they won`t earn.

guess we need to may need a new decentralized AppStore I guess, you guys have the resources

So why is Amazon listed as an app if the items I buy in that app are not bought via the apple store?

Sorry and sad to hear this.. You brilliant developers should just move to android or whatever you can.. do not allow these big tech companies slow down evolution and innovation, they are just protecting their pokets

You guys remember when Nokia decide to go against the open source Android community? We know what`s gonna happen

This is horrendous and shame on apple. I see two ways to fix this: don`t use apple, web apps (not directed towards gnosis safe, I know you guys are going a different way with good reasons)

has no problem at all hmm..

Or just drop app store support and let the cavemen paint bisons?

So basically Apple just wants that 33% cut from NFT sales?

This is absolutely unacceptable. Full support

In short, apple *possibly* want to launch NFT marketplace?

Oh Shoot. This is really bad.

Thanks for flagging, Lukas. Sharing with the Argent team now. We havent had a similar message but will keep you updated.

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