Apple iOS 15 is now Installed on 82% of

June 3, 2022, 9:51 pm
Apple iOS 15 is now Installed on 82% of
Apple iOS 15 is now Installed on 82% of iPhone (as of May 31, 2022) Google Android 11 is Installed on 35% of Android devices (as of May 9, 2022). No details on Android 12 adoption rate.

It`s so sad how many people have iphones just because it`s an image thing. I also wish isheep would realize lots of us spend 1.2k on the newest Samsung android phone by choice...That being said both phones have the strengths and weaknesses.

Different understanding of mine.. Happy android users with their older OS..pathetic iPhone users with their complex OCD problems?

This comparison is funny, android is modular, key OS components and google apps are updated through playstore for YEARS after last OS update. My Galaxy S5 mini (Android 5) runs latest IG & TikTok features great, my ipad 4 with iOS 10 doesn`t even run freaking YouTube app anymore

Aren`t 35% Android devices of the world are multiple times higher than 82% of iPhones?

All those replying "This isn`t a fair comparison".. Well, tell your fav Android OEMs to stop launching Phones every week with small upgrades and focus a little on Software Updates. Stop spamming the market with Phones you cannot support / update.

Android fanbois calling android better I mean yeah it lets you customise things to a huge extent, but ig it should be available for most of the devices, which its not Time to care a bit abt security too

There is no comparison will iOS and Android. So there is no logic with ur statement.

Android 12 is now 7 months old, so it should be at about 3-5%.

Which Android phone is this?

Whats the point of updates when no new feature is added? Unlock with mask on is only available for iPhone 12 and newer, my iPhone 11 doesnt support it despite getting a 2gb update.

Compare with samsung ....there are lot of shit android companies...and also budget phones 35% is a big number for all android

The proper headline should be Android 12 is on 100% of the supported pixels and other OEMs are too lazy to care about their users after selling the device.

100% of my Android Devices run Android 12 and recently had the latest security updates before stock Google Pixels. 100% of my devices run Have a Pixel that is still supported by BigG? Upgrade yours today. 100% of them deserve it.

In fairness there are a lot more android devices out there which means that 30% android 12 adoption rate is x amount of devices, while 30% adoption rate on iphones is y amount of devices. In this case android adoption rate may not be as bad as percentages shows

can anyone give me the wallpaper of the above two phones? I am not able to find out.

did android 12 remove the bezels fron the pixel 5? jokes aside i have 3 android devices and 1 has android 12, the other have android 12.1

Not a fair comparations .. Compare in numbers the (82%) & the (35%) & you will know

Google Android 12 adoption rate must be 4-5% lol.

Pretty sure, 25%+ of those would be Samsung devices since they have been EXCELLENT in terms of rolling out stable AF updates. And then we have OneMinus which was the same when Android 10 was out and now what Samsung once was

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