Apple fanboys be like "Android midranges lack in good

August 2, 2021, 10:05 am
Apple fanboys be like
Apple fanboys be like "Android midranges lack in good experience only Android flagships are good while iPhones don`t" I`m like BRUH EVERY IPHONE IS A FLAGSHIP (except for the SEs)

As a apple fan. There a lot of a good android mid ranges compared to midrange iPhone. And most of them are great

Dude I dont know, this shit has been going on for years, its a just personal preference nothing else. I was using androids for 10 years, note 9, note 10, poco f1 and what not, but recently I got a really good offer on a XR (350) and its my favourite phone ever, it just works

The SE is also a flagship but with tiny battery. Its so tiny that its practically unusable.

Googles a line of Pixels are SO GOOD - clean, fast, Android, high refresh rate displays, good cameras, great battery life and pretty good performance

Even the SE, it uses a flagship SoC. They have to understand that Apple`s strategy in midrange phones is completely different to Android companies. The former focuses on performance but with outdated design, while Android OEMs focus on making a well rounded phone for most people.

Wouldnt call the Xr a flagship Specially with that sub 1080p LCD display

Wait did they not- What

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