App reviews

March 31, 2012, 2:49 pm
App reviews

The review section of is very new and still work in progress. 
The apps reviews published so far are focused on Apple devices. This is mainly because the majority of our customers are downloading either for iPad or iPhone devices so we logically decided to start with these categories. It is our plan in the future to also include reviews for Android and other software and relevant technology news.Our first group of reviews are based on the top free list available under our iPad / iPhone section. We understand these are already popular apps so we engaged this task from the view of a person who just bought their first iPad.
The review displayed are based on personal experience and views after playing and testing the apps ourselves. Our opinions in these reviews are not influenced  by commercial gains and we are prepared to amend any errors we may make.We hope you find this section informative and entertaining and look forward to your comments and feedback.Thank you,The Lisisoft Team
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