Anytime I see or hear the Pixel 3 I

May 27, 2021, 5:28 pm
Anytime I see or hear the Pixel 3 I
Anytime I see or hear the Pixel 3 I think of the pill nav that google actually pushed to the public. Thank goodness every other phone brand using Android realized that shit was trash and either stuck with three button or did their own swipe gesture nav. If all Androids used pill

It was quite ok when I was used to it on LG G6. But I can`t go back to that now lol

Depends on the device but yeah. Taller devices with taller aspect ratios, sure, it helps some apps like Instagram and Snapchat look less weird while trying to fill the screen + it`s a classicish UI for Android

I loved the pill dude, it was the perfect middle ground of classic android and gestures. I use full gestures now but whenever a device has the pill, like the panasonic toughbook, I use the pill

Fair enough haha, I feel with Apple the hardware is honestly great but software is just infuriating at times esp when it comes to the simplest things

Man I really cant imagine you having an animoji in your avatarthat wouldve been a dark alternate reality lolll

This is the worst nav bar sofar current swipe gesture that Google uses, Xiaomi did first before anyone followed shortly by Huawei. (Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo, their swipes were diff: you swipe from three diff sections of bottom edge. It was still better than trash pill nav but not as good still)

I would have just jumped to the iPhone full time and I would have been stuck and now I may have an animoji in my avartar lol

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