Anyone who`s is his mid 30s or 40s have

November 24, 2021, 1:04 pm
Anyone who`s is his mid 30s or 40s have
Anyone who`s is his mid 30s or 40s have to be luckiest people to be able to see technological revolution. However its the past decade in which we have seen the most massive jump. Remember keypads and box tvs and playing mario jump in our box pcs Nostalgia hits hard

Yes. Pre 2016 they were pretty good phones. 2020&21 theyve made major improvements though.

They have been messing up since 2016 and their sales are negligible lol

I am counting Sony out because their business model does not focus on making phones that appeal to the public at all, they only make expensive enthusiast phones. OnePlus still makes relatively cheaper enthusiast phones but we have to see what they do in 2022

Has a lot of potential. But only developed countries can take advantage of cloud gaming services because we need really less PING to make that work properly

2019-20 was really exciting. Rollable prototypes, foldables, wrap around displays, etc. Nobody takes too many risks anymore, especially after we lost LG and Huawei and possibly HTC

I think it was Mrwhosetheboss. That said, I think smartphones are pretty mature products now, we will see improved cameras, more performance, better batteries, new designs and form factors but I cant think of something ground bracingly new. Again I can be proved wrong in 1yr

Problem is people have caught up to the latest tech really quick and nobody is in awe anymore

That is their fault, not the phones ..

I wouldnt say smartphones are a waste of time lol, if you are wasting your time with them its your fault, with smartphones the positives far outdo the negatives

My dad is active on politics twitter lol

Feature phones had reliable bug free software and also they came with headphone jacks

My mom`s 50 and she keeps saying that she saw all the revolution lmao

Tech wars back then were on Facebook and also Linked comments apparently. I think 2015 is when Twitter became the hub for tech wars

My dad told me that there were tech wars about which keys on keypad phones felt the best to type on.

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