Anyone using @1Password? Is it good/safe? @1Password Been using

October 16, 2021, 7:50 am
Anyone using @1Password? Is it good/safe? @1Password Been using
Anyone using Is it good/safe?

Been using for years. Its convenient and safe. Never had any issues either.

Yes and yes. Been using it for years, its great!

I have used & I will recommend Dashlane.

I used before and I have nothing to say but good things about them!

For some reason, the web app started asking me for a security key to log in instead of my master password. It was my mistake because I didn`t download the Emergency Kit. I had to start over with the new account

Im using the 1Password for years. Make sure you do not lose the secret key and emergency kit. I did

Ja been using it many years now. Its Mac app, Chrome extension, iOS and Android apps so I can on any devices

Ive been using it for more than one year, and its been really great. I didnt have any issues yet, and the mobile apps work great

I used Google Password Managers for several years already, not excellent but quite happy with it!

I`ve been using it for 8 years and love it, never had any issues.

Amazing, but I heard a lot of complaint about the next version being built with Electron (non native tech stack)

Try Bitwarden, it has apps, browser extensions and hassle-free 2FA if you get a 12$ anual subscription. Everything else except for 2FA is free.

I like It`s good. Even better within a team

Yes, it`s amazing. I am never going back.

@1Password Great feedback! I just started the 1Password trial. I think it looks good.

I`ve used all three of dashlane, lastpass, and 1password Personally prefer dashlane (free vpn) and 1password (Canadian company)

We use it at and it`s been super effective and intuitive!

Used and

Im on LastPass. Been pretty happy for a few years. Mostly personal, not business use.

Highly recommend it. Recently started using it and love it.

Yep, it`s good, safe, and extremely convenient! I prefer LastPass, but I use both. :)

Yes best password manager I use it and its so cool to have a place to store passwords. I have also used lastpass but I dont like it as much
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