Anyone know where I can get some Google Pixel

August 2, 2021, 8:27 pm
Anyone know where I can get some Google Pixel
Anyone know where I can get some Google Pixel previews

It sucks that the Pro model has the curved screen/front glass

Nope. There`s none. Try to Bing it...

It`s Pixel 6 or Xperia for me. Hoping that the 5 years software support is true.

Try Twitter. 8-) I do think the 6 Pro looks like it`ll be worth checking out. For smaller phones, I still like the near-stock Sony Xperia 5 range...

Can`t believe mine`s not on there damn

Light mode? Just been waiting for your review The sad truth to this is these Pixels still won`t sell well. It`s a dying brand. Nobody cares about Pixels except phone nerds like us. If 6 or 7 will be the final Pixel phone, I hope Google will still support it for 5 years. I`m worried I`ll lose my free high quality storage.

So the last decent size that wouldn`t feel so unwieldy is from the Pixel 5? Many of us saw the sketches to the design months ago. I still don`t care for it but it will grow on me. I hope 6a or the 7 returns to the size of the 1 through 5 non-XL models. Try checking out he might have something

You definitely need more diversity in your Twitterverse! This looks way to bubbly

I dunno...maybe ask Computer... I`m here all week!

Unfortunately not! Will have some Pixel 7 previews though

Pixel 6 news but not the 5a

THIS, literally why I went on a tech reviewer purge, but you stay since you actually make interesting content XD

Love that Pixels are getting 5-year updates thanks to Google`s own SoC. I actually hate updating but some apps forces us to. Pixel 7 (2022) Last update: Android 18 (2027) 10-years usage? Older Android from 7 years ago can still run most apps. Want to use a phone for a decade.

There`s like...only one or two sites with information....

Been thinking about it for the past week but I think I could use my iPhone 12 mini for 8 years. Last update is probably 2026 with iOS20. Dasher app will require iOS21 minimum by 2029. The problem is I really do prefer Android more. Easier for hotspots. Pixels being my favs.

This is exactly what I would expect the timeline of someone called Mr Mobile would look like.

I`ll wait for the Pixel 7 or whenever Google makes a smaller device at least similar to the size of the 4a/5. I love my Pixel 3. Probably my favorite phone. That or LG G5 for removable battery. But I haven`t updated it beyond Pie because Android 10 broke some of my older apps.

I guess youre not a boot licker filed under: a good thing

Have you tried looking on Twitter???????

Just curious... Is this filmed on the RAZR?

Cant wait for camera tech

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