Anyone have a Roku TV? If so, any complaints

January 16, 2021, 12:05 am
Anyone have a Roku TV? If so, any complaints
Anyone have a Roku TV? If so, any complaints on it?

It goes black every once in awhile but that`s after like 3 years of use, and there`s a konami code in the remote that fixes it so not really an issue. Love it.

Thanks for all the responses! Definitely sold on it now. We have one of the original flat screens thats like 6 inches thick that was passed down to us so definitely time for an upgrade

Great TVs from what Ive read, seen, and heard. I personally looked at them and considered one before getting a Samsung instead.

I use Ghostware Android Box and pay $120/6 months for ChillTV - but you can just have the free apps and enjoy that too.

Roku tv is great. Tons of options, easy to use, No complaints .

I got a 50 inch Rocky Tv from Walmart for $88 during Black Friday. I love it for my rooms lol.

No they do not just the boxes like rokus. Unless youre looking specifically at the TV with roku built in?

Go with Apple TV especially if you already have a decent amount of apple products. You wont regret it.

Great app for Roku to make your phone a remote. I wouldnt buy anything else.

Bought one a few months ago when it was on sale at Target. Love it. We stream, have all our favorite apps and watch cable through it.

No twitch Otherwise it`s been good

I have two. Really good. Simple for sure

If you pay for all those services you can get JBM TV for $10 a month for every channel you can think of even pay per views. Its $15 a month loaded with thousands of movies including new movies. Weve been them almost 3 years and love it.

We bought 3 because they were on sale and use our fire stick on them. I dont care for roku. Theyve been good TVs though

No issues whatsoever.

We have 3 tvs and 3 sticks. Absolutley love the service.

Love Roku its legit

A have a couple smaller Rokus to move outside when its warmer. They are great for that and not having to get another cable box. Dont like the remote

Theyre nice, main complaints would be some of the apps arent well developed and have poor search functions, also you have to be careful when subscribing to things through it. We did Disney+ through it, went to the website months later to upgrade to the bundle, now we get

I have 3 lol, they all work great

Easy to lose the little remote haha

No issues at all with mine

Ive got one and love it, no complaints at all

i have a 32 inch in my room really good

Nope. I love it. Has my TCL Roku for about 3 years now

I love it....remote option on app, so make sure ur phone is charged

Yeah I gotta vouch real quick. The TCL Roku TV is great. Never have too many issues. Tons of apps and streaming services available. Hear theyre not too difficult to hack either if youre into that but all in all its a solid TV!

My daughter had one and loves it. She`s a college student though.

I have two. All good for me.

I have two Roku TVs. Only complaint I have is switching between inputs, lags a bit.

I have 1 Roku stick and 2 Roku TVs. Never had an issue with Roku system going down in the 3 years Ive had them. I prefer it built into the TV over the stick because you can change the input right from the remote instead of using the TV remote with the Roku stick TV.

No complaints. Watch NFL red zone, movies and all kinds of stuff

I have a few! Love them. Havent had any issues

We have a Roku TV in the kids playroom... its perfect for them no need to hook up cable!

I love mine. I strictly use streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, ESPN...) and Ive had no problems. Its extremely simple to use and I feel like my picture is competitive with televisions that are twice as expensive. I have the TCL 6-Series FWIW.

I`ve had one off an one over the years. Always does what I need. Basic streaming apps, YouTube TV and is all I need

When I was getting reacquainted with the bachelor life, I opted for it instead of dish, Cox, or Uverse and loved it. Plus no contract or deposits.

Ive had a RokuTV for 3 years and have had apps crash for a day a couple of times (specifically Netflix), but the tv itself was operational for the PS4. Maybe I got lucky haha

Delay on live sports

No complaints here. Love my Roku TV.

Ooooooh I only have the stick hahahahahaha. That I cant answer for. I currently have 2 dont smart TVs and the android system is annoying as can be. Lg was iffy. Samsung was pretty easy Ive just loved my roku stick and its my favorite smart system

We like it a lot

I like it. Always works for me.

No sir, other then the app can be tempermental, so try to not lose the remote.

Ive found it to be the simplest and easiest to use. Amazon FireTv was slow and clunky. AppleTv is ok but the remote is finicky.

Loved the roku, great apps for your phone if you lose the controller(3 little sons) lose it often! The picture quality was super legit for the price

I love mine. Works well. Sometimes can be weird though as far as functionality.

I have a roku and its honestly my favorite. I have had Amazon fire, LG, Samsung, SONY, Visio, and Android smart TVs. Roku is the easiest to use with best interface. Only issue Ive had is the cheap one doesnt have the best WiFi long range. Otherwise I love it.

The interface isnt the best, but it gets the job done

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