Anyone else have all their movie-watching apps on their

September 12, 2021, 8:38 am
Anyone else have all their movie-watching apps on their
Anyone else have all their movie-watching apps on their TV work well, except ? All of our other streaming apps work fine, but HBOMax stops, starts, and buffers each time we use it. Its boggled my mind a bit.

I`ve had it since late last year, and this is the 1st time I`ve heard of a noticeable group of people having this problem. I normally watch it on the Firestick, so it probably just runs better on there.

The selection is great, but the UI is awful.

That`s a shame, it`s not like HBO is new to this whole thing. They should be able to produce an app that works across all the platforms.

roku works fine most of the time for us... only time it doesn`t is if some other random device has a long download...... then everything sucks....

I only have issues when I try to go from one show/movie to the next.

It works better if you use the app through Xbox/PlayStation

The HBOMax application is terrible. None of the quality improvements of other streaming services, and its buffering and pausing are both bugged. It`s bare-bones streaming.

Yes! I thought it was just me and a faulty PS4, glad to hear that`s not true. I pay the most for HBO out of all my streaming channels, why can`t they make sure their shit works?

One of my TVs is a Samsung and I also have problems with HBO and PBS apps. You could try another streaming option like Roku, Apple TV or TiVo

I have Roku and Chromecast, and my Roku TVs lag when trying to use HBO Max specifically, but when i cast with Chromecast, theres no issues. I genuinely dont know why the app isnt well optimized on some TVs, but this has been quite a prominent problem since launch.

May I ask what kind of tv you have?? I have A LOT of problems with all my apps ...

It works fine for the first hour but after that it starts lagging and being a general pain.

Yes its horrible on my Samsung tv. I watch on my iPhone&Vizio tv I dont have issues but maybe its something that doesnt mesh well with Samsung TVs which is weird because all other apps works for Samsung! I saw that HBO know the app is bad& plan on releasing new app next year

My Disney+ is like this.

It worked awful on my computer I had to drop it cause I had to refresh the page 5 times with every movie I watched and Ive never and still havent had that issue with any other streaming service. Its a shame cause it honestly has a great library but its frustrating to use

Its also worse on my phone. I have to keep restarting it

Honestly Im not sure itll be fixed. Theyve had this steaming issue for 5+ years at least. Used to be impossible to watch game of thrones the night of

Along with & apps! Stay crashing!

is atrocious on Roku. I have a months long Twitter message thread with them and no resolution

I canceled my HBO Max because of that. Couldnt watch anything but all my other streaking apps worked just fine

This has been an issue for them going back to their HBO GO app. Their apps cant handle the number of users whenever new releases drop. Try watching the movie in a few days and itll work better

I keep hearing that people are having problems with this app - but it works well for me. I wonder if its because - I use Apple TV to stream it

Of all the apps on my Roku, HBOMax gives me the most grief.

Bad on my Samsung tv as well. It lags so bad but plays better on my PS5. If not, it`s inconvenient, but smart view from your samsung phone the app to the tv

Watch HBO Max on Roku and my phone. No issues. Works fine.

HBO Max works mostly fine for me. You probably got hit with bad luck.

They need to get their s*** together

Happens all the time for me too. Netflix, A Prime, hulu and everything else works fine. HBOMax is trash.

I can never rewind or fast forward without it freaking out

Great content.the app is the worst though. Ps5, tv, etc always buffers

Mine worked really well for a long time until the season finale of Mare of Easttown. I figured that everyone was watching it so it was gonna lag and ended up using my laptop to watch it. Now I`ve only got it to work once by removing the channel and signing out on my roku.

Oh yeah. Mine does this shit A LOT. And it would always happen right when clicked play. It would stutter, sound would keep cutting off then the app would crash. I still can`t figure out why it`s doing this now cause it didn`t for the longest time.

I cant watch any Harry Potter films.

We use our PS4 as our media hub and the HBOMax app is atrocious. 95% of the time it will get within the last 3-4 minutes of a show and a full-screen OOPS message pops up.

At this point, during Malignant, my wife are on our 4th time having the movie bufferand its only halfway through the movie! I get that this issue is not regarding life or death, but this streaming service CAN-NOT stream for us at all without interruption.

YES!!! I thought it was something in my end.

HBO Max seems like its genuinely TERRIBLY made for TVs. The UI is garbage, the app itself is laggy, and streaming is a chore. Dont know why, since it works just fine on other platforms.

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