Another year of Samsung stuff

January 24, 2022, 9:54 am
Another year of Samsung stuff
Another year of Samsung stuff. If you buy something, use my referral link. You get 5% off, I get 5% in rewards points. Win-win. Code: ref-okpn66

Tossing in my code too for anyone who wants to use for a 5% discount. Ref-jktrwd

Do you have iphone13 pro

In india the referral only works for like three times amd then whenever someone tries to use my referral it shows referral limit reached

Mine if I toss my code in here once yours is maxed?

Only asking because with the Reservation they now have open for the S22 the option to set up your trade in only shows the iPhone 12 series as the latest models. This is for new users if I remember correctly right?

In Europe its not working

Do you know how long it takes for Samsung to accept the newest iPhone for trade in?

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