Another way to think about 30% store fees is:

August 2, 2021, 10:26 am
Another way to think about 30% store fees is:
Another way to think about 30% store fees is: Unless a business has an unheard-of 60% gross profit margin, the store monopolist is earning more profit than the creator. And if the business has less than a 30% gross profit margin, then it`s put out of business entirely!

Considering your highest profit margin devices charge similar fees, Im thinking you might just sleep at night raging on these false thoughts with annoyance out of Apple. Man I cant wait for you guys to officially loose.

Doesn`t Playstation and Xbox store also charge a 30% store fees? It`s also somewhat a monopoly since you can`t sideload on these platforms too. Why is everyone criticising Apple only and not them too?

Does this report take into account the Apple Developer fee ($99/y) that millions of developers pay just to get into the App Store? Using the estimated cost given by Phillip Shoemaker, we know it covers all the running cost of the App Store. So the real margin is probably higher.

Bring you damn game back its BEEN 50 WEEKS SINCE THE GAME HAS NOT RETURNED AND Im starting to get upset at and starting to lose my patients they said The decision will be brought to us around August and its August what are we still waiting for the judge to bring the game back

Exactly. This is why my last 2 games are not even available on OSX, let alone IOS. I do not want to continue doing business with an abusive, tax-dodging, monopolist company like apple. If you want to play games, install windows.

Couldn`t agree more, we are being charged on the entire end to end creation of a digital, carbon neutral card which is in excess of our margin. Even our unique in one click charity donation process app store are wanting to charge 30% when it should be zero rated

Then create your own system, own cloud, own devices, own OS. Create own SDK, open gate for other devs and publishers. Take only 7% cut and give publishers what the want ;) Or?

By the way, Apple`s profit margin is 70% across all products and services

Roughly 80% profit margin on 30% would mean they`d still have a 50% profit margin on 12%, if my crude math serves me right. Kind of interesting that it works out that way.

Such a bad look on Steam, at least Apple and Google know how to do PR right.

If these conditions are so bad I wonder how all the consoles developers are even surviving and why do you accept them ?

How about letting all creators publish their games on the Epic Games Store instead of locking it down to only those deemed worthy.

We all get it, but this is like two kaiju fighting in the middle of a city. You both have a ton of $ with goals of more $. No one really believes you are doing this for the "little companies". The problem is the aftermath of what your suit leaves open a much scarier future.

But when a game is sold in physical, the creation receives even less...

A lot of people lashing out are missing the point that Apple is anti-competitive . Sure its their Phone, but consumers bought that phone and they should get to choose another app store if they want. Which apple wont allow under security excuses

Dont most software companies have margins in the 80%+?

Facts, one of the things that stopped me from developing for the app store. the math was just not sitting right. Plus you got taxes so

30% rake. You`d think after all these years the app stores would have started to enjoy economies of scale, so they`d need less than 30% to cover financial needs.

So your revenue share on iOS was small enough that you could afford to pick this fight and lose if need be. And also your profit margins are massive (by your own logic)?

The app store fee is simply passed on to consumers. Similar to how shipping rates reflect the cost of gasoline, car prices reflect the cost of steel, etc. If there was no app store fee then market forces would presumably drive down app prices by roughly that 30%.

my brain hurts, tim.

why don`t you guys just charge ~30% more on IOS to offset the fee and make V-bucks cheaper on the internet etc. and advertise it once in awhile.

Not only this, Apple has banned all other browsers except for Safari (all other browsers are reskins) presumably to push developers towards the AppStore where apple can apply this tax. This anti-competitive behavior runs deep and costs everyone.

Well Apple never admitted to that in their testimony.

Epic mega game made funny shareware

The 30% is essentially the same as what retail stores charge. And apple is not a monopoly, unless you categorize Target as monopolizing sales at target.

As a dev Im all for a lower fee structure, but it might be tough for you to make the case considering youre one of the best examples of how apps can generate substantial profits even with the 30% fee. Regardless, I hope you win!

@Rengle820 See also: How much was Fortnite generating in revenue on iOS? What were your costs? Guessing you guys were doing alright even with the 30% fee.

Question if I get gifted but the game didn`t update do I still get the gift if I update

I`ve had a number of people loving on my Free Fortnite apple skin. It`s still one of my daily rotation skins. Any chance you`d bring it back to the shop for a price? Also can you give us a way to donate unused vbucks to a worth cause. An old refund left me with like 30 I can use.

Tim, I`ve come up with a visual aid to help illustrate the concept. This is operating under the assumption that the store "monopolist" has no expenses and that 30% is pure profit. Is this misleading/deceptive method standard operating procedure at Epic, or just your personal preference? Ever considered going into politics? You`d fit right in.

is right: Apple app store fees are a de facto global tax on the Internet. With google doing the same thing it`s a monopoly.

look you don`t want to deal with than don`t use there hardware sorry i am siding with them on this. its there platform you want to play with them then follow there rules. You claim that you are standing up for the little Your big company that wants higher profit.

When is there gonna be a verdict its taking too long

still doesnt change the fact that you stole Money from Apple. also using Micro-transactions is a scummy way to make a game!

Please I have a serious question, can you answer me now please .

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Is this all you tweet about

When will we get hear about the winner of the epic vs apple case

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