Announcing https://t

December 3, 2021, 4:32 pm
Announcing https://t
Announcing the new standard for NFTs! Marmalade provides the complete infra to launch & run revolutionary NFT marketplaces! Unlike other platforms, Marmalade offers 100% on-chain tx, low gas fees & shared ownership that can span platforms!

ONYX first game on BSC Unique Open World Game Play 2 Earn Token will be in-game currency Tradeable NFT Weapons and Skins Fully trusted and doxxed team onyx onyxArmy p2e p2egaming onyxtoken $onyx metaverse NFTGame hotbit Cant wait to mint mines!

What are the procedures for minting

Am going to invest on all the projects that will be on kDA ecosystem . I believe this team will be the real deal in the near future. futurecryptomillionaire

every project that is coming up on kda has so much potential if taken seriously

hey man.. I know youre trying to implement royalties into your music NFTs.. I think you should read up on this and consider using Kadena as the foundation for royal

Any tool which can be used to mint a collection of NFT in order to get listed as verified collection?

Morning . Win NFT, try your luck with Were ready for you kadenakongs

When are we expecting this to happen and when do we buy Kda, and other related coins in our portfolio?

Jut hold kadena to going to the moon

Try to do that in other chains

Right after the news. Suppression comes!! This is great news. Keep improving the ecosystem. Bullish AF

Amazing!! Now can we please get a suitable replacement to the abhorrent since theyre incapable of getting their act together coupled with charging outlandish fees? CM is fantastic but isnt accessible to everyone.

You are a spoiling us! $kda NFT

Smeg is an even BETTER Marmelade for your bread

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