Android users, what would Apple have to do for

December 19, 2021, 6:29 am
Android users, what would Apple have to do for
Android users, what would Apple have to do for you to switch to iPhone?

Put android in iPhone

Implement the feature in itunes that allowed a custom ringtone to be created from any song you owned!

Everything that Android could do Site loading apps Customizations And all that

Give it for free to me.

Type c and sideloading apps and I`m in

If I can install G cam

Sideload apps. That`s it

Seriously .....U literally declared a war between android and iOS users.....This comment section is full of this as this a personal choice and a topic for never ending war too

im both lanes but ive reallt been digging this pixel 5a 5g

They have to stop that `Apple Eco System` then it would be easy to switch.

Changing the software of iphones to more proper one because i can`t rely on dump ios in my daily needs Android is far more better since working with it is nearly similar to working on a Pc

To be genuine with the customers by not. Over pricing Slowing down the older models Reducing Battery health Providing telephoto in base models Good periscope camera on pro models

Theyve already done it. And they did it a long time ago. Never need to go back to Android. Absolutely no need whatsoever. Sorry Android.

There should be More easy operating System

Make a phone that I can use for 10 years.

120X zoom and 8k video but Im still an iPhone user

Change the os to android I guess

They should switch to Android and lose the notch

The day they allow third party app stores and installing apps outside of apple app store, I`ll jump the ship. Till then Android ftw.

1. stop using outdated design. 2. stop making their OS so boring 3. making easier to add a fking photo on a laptop 4. stop slowing down phones with os updates 5. stop BS marketing

Make Cydia as an option. That`s it.

They would have to make an open operating system, like android. Allow me install the apps I want and not just the ones they says I can have.

Sell an iPhone that runs Android and not designed by Apple

Nothing. I`m ok with Android!

From where I come, maybe price! Like I can buy a gaming laptop in its price so... yeah. If that gets sorted, I`m sold.

Sideload, but that`ll never happen.

Simply just use android on iPhone

Well simple provide the user the complete control over the Phone and remove the notch..

Remove the notch and make the camera better.

1. Use Android OS 2. Stylus Support

Add features that is better than android or not available to android and impressive this will sure make 20% of android users switch but also remove the notch and make add alot of customization

Prices. More flexible and open source OS.

I hv pixel n my wife iPhone.iOS is like living with a code-there`s only one way of doing things if at all there is 1,feels like u r at some1 else`s mercy. Android, is doing things ur way n u hv options to choose- feels like u r in control.Difference of ideology. So no iOS for me!

A Pro Mode in there camera app More customization to the home and lock screen

Multitasking, dual messenger support like dual viber dual telegram dual Facebook messenger etc in dual Sim iPhone, always on display, type c charging port, wifi Hotspot sharing....

It depends actually. For the set of apps I use except the global ones, android has better optimization than iOS. If Apple wants people in India to switch to iOS, I guess the default thing to do is negotiate with govt to reduce the taxes which should reduce the crazy pricing.

Lower the price, bring customisations and remove notch ...!

Nothing cause i would never switch

Make the smallest flagship on the market. Which they have and which I did switch over from pixel 3 to iPhone 12 mini. I couldnt resist.

Nothing over the top. But small things like type c and headphone jack

Make its phone cheaper and support side loading apps.

I already switched to iPhone and it was the privacy and getting away from Google. Question would be, what would Android do to make me leave Apple?

Headphone jack, SD card, FM radio, 5000MAH battery. No Notch! And Oh... Android itself! lol

Just cut the prices with 25 percent

Introduce entry-level iPhones. And I literally mean an iPhone that costs at most 140USD.

Let you install Android on the hardware lol

Indispaly fingerprint and no notch Remove the notch, have type c, improve battery & charging, reduce prices, have features that were long present in android (ex: always on display), and allow users to install third party software (ex: emulators) But i know they won`t.

Lower price. That`s it. I`ll switch over.

I was an android user. But now I use both platforms. Things that would drive an android users could be : 1. A better battery life and fast charge 2. Better cameras which iphone already has 3. High refresh rate. For this we need to go for 13pros. 4. Good Money to value ratio

Adding USB-C, Bringing back touch ID

I love how there`s a genuine question and answers but sheeps just come at android users and try to defend why iphone should stay the way it is. Yeah we get it, you can`t take a new opinion unless it`s Apple that gave it to you.

Personally, I want Always on Display, edit my home screen the way I want, a much better app drawer, stop bundling my apps, and just list them with a swipe up or whatever. Better notification management. USB-C would be nice as well.

send it to apple Theyre not losing market share in the categories theyre competing.Junk android phones penetrate into emerging markets and they sell $100 phones. Thats the only category Android devices are ahead.

Something as simple as extracting a zip file is nearly impossible (and at best, completely impractical) on iphone. My fiance has an iphone and she had to download each individual engagement photo to her phone one-by-one. I downloaded and extracted the zip in files app. Easy

ik im not an android user anymore but ill give my 2 cents for ios to be better: - more customization options - sideloading + multiple app stores - more continuity outside of apple products

ship their phones with android + one ui

Put dual physical sim slots

They too confind Wen you use iPhone you have no freedom

"Twitter for iPhone" and "twitter for android". Nah, I use twitter for yb.

The Note Series makes Samsung unique.

I swap back and from Android to iPhone pretty regularly. I like them both, but I will say that the iPhone is a better all around phone.

Customization, As long as that feature isn`t supported I`m sticking to Android

1. Openess to sideload apps from the Internet 2. Remove the notch 3. Allow further costomization of UI 4. Standardize iPhone prices in India

If you could install android on it that would work

Not much because the latest review in privacy which compares both comes to the conclusion that google is more abusive

Get bought out by Samsung

By giving us my usability. The phones aren`t very customizable and limit you to what you can and can`t do. Don`t like that at all.

-Dedicated `back` button or gesture that easy to reach -Full gboard features -dual SIM -periscope camera -pro camera app -dedicated shortcut from application that you can bring to home screen -application pop up and split screen for multitasking

Apple with Android, jk lol. I want more customisations.

Install Android... lol

Be able to sideload apps, and those apps need to be able to take advantage of certain things in the phone so I can do my field testing. Basically, make the app space like Android, but make it iOS.

Quite literally just better HDR and more megapixels for me, I`m not really glued to Android much.

Android is just better.

Price drop + Charger in the box

maybe offer better priced hardware compared to competition. also removable storage/headphone jack but I doubt that will ever come. if I could run android on it, that would also fix most of the issues.

I would switch if they had lower budget options that are worth it, because the se is good but battery is bad and it`s design is outdated

Get rid of the notch. Than maybe.

cut price 50%. wont completely move but will get one

Type C port, fingerprint sensor in power button, sideloading apps, more battery life even if it means chunkier design.

Me, I can`t even use apple as my main phone for free, i have tried using it as my secondary phone and still get bored, and it`s tiring seeing same thing everyday. For apple to even qualify for my secondary phone, they need to get rid of notch, and also keep this square design.

I wont switch, beacuse IOS is simply closed source. And all of their gadgets is moneygetter so some fitures could be not included. Ex: no fingerprints so use apple watch is the answer. No touchscreen on macbook, cuz could disturb Ipad market, etc. Im not rich so

Actually get connection where I live! They are piss poor here. No matter the network!

Only thing is to have the ability to have separate volume rockers for call and media

Usb C, touch ID under the screen. That`s it.

They would need USB type C, punch hole screen and a camera with better zoom and versatility than the S21 ultra.

They should use Android or similar to that OS which is open source

I will use her devices if they are running Android

Not interested in apple ecosystem, I like android and the freedom I have to choose for hundreds phone designs, I think my next phone will be a phodable

I have been a Samsung user since my first phone, but my next phone is going to be an iPhone

bloody notch n price. ex user.

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