Android users v iPhone users https://t

September 14, 2021, 8:28 pm
Android users v iPhone users https://t
Android users v iPhone users

impression tweets

"Android users v iPhone users" Iphone mfs really talkin like they aint pay for they phones in monthly payments

couldn`t be more correct why does it matter tho

Fr like android alarm sounds always a jam

no way mf still fighting over phones

Kinda disappointed with iPhone 13 tbh. iPhone 13 Pro is somewhat a good upgrade.

Bruh other way around sadly + u fell off

A mf like me gonna use both

at least we android users don`t get scammed every year.....or get shitty battery

its kinda useless. Iphones been known to be faster and have better cameras. its better but no one should be talking about it lmfao

More like You need this android user Make better content lmao. Seriously

Im an iPhone user but they event was hugely disappointing. Usually theres at least one big thing but these were all minor unrecognisable upgrades, like no change

Imagine using an iphone LETS GOOOOOO

Be a real man and use a fridge to tweet

You fell off + ratio

damn, 2021 and people are still arguing about which phone or console is better

This IPhone users fr lmao Minutes after the pupboicarti tweet

and yet you tell ME to grow up

Little hands

both phones are alright imo

Drop it and its all over

Cryptic drop cash app theres nothing wrong with being poor

ipad users: racially motivated

You can FaceTime through the browser now

samsung pods > airpods

You are the greatest twitter account

I thought android went out of business lets be honest

Let`s settle this once and for all

No need to wait for charging lol swap a new one in

take me back to when the days were easier... Fax keep spitting

Ppl still have androids?

being an iphone user, i can confirm that this is true

Just switch over

ight im an iphone user but dont get me mixed up with ppl that actually think the iphone 13 is good

*iPhone users v Android users If I take yo battery out what phone do you have now?

switch it around

android users v iPhone users AINT NO WAY CRYPTIC GOT AN ANDROID

F-f-f-facts k-k-k-king

not me tho yall be easy Cryptic after sending the tweet Ratio then

iPhone users suck fr They both clowns imo iPhone 7 strong

Its a phone bro

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