Android users deserve to be left out of clubhouse

February 7, 2021, 4:14 am
Android users deserve to be left out of clubhouse
Android users deserve to be left out of clubhouse for having such poor taste in phone choice

For me... Its android over iOS...

Hey, I have an Android phone because I cannot afford a flagship Apple phone. I have a Kona EV for the same reason, I cannot afford a Tesla. My work phone is a Nokia 8.3 5G because Lashana Lynch, the African American who plays 007 in the new James Bond uses it, shes` awesome.

So you will be very disappointed to hear that clubhouse will include all platforms as soon as it`s working without bugs on this one.

Pretty nazi tweet.

Say that to my face and I make you eat an Apple.

LOOOOOOOOOOL POOR TASTE AHAHAHA more like value for money, you keep using my Samsung parts mate

Hard to see if you`re sarcastic or not.

I was able to take the mSD card out of my dashcam and play the video in my Android phone for the police after an accident in my Tesla to prove the other driver was at fault and lying. I could not have done that with an iPhone.

As you type this on the computer because it`s faster than using your iPhone.

That would be funny if it wasn`t completely full of shit, but alas, it is.

Android Army we need you here... users don`t need clubhouse because I totally disagree.

You should get an iKia to go with your iPhobe.

Clubhouse is definitely not worth switching to an iPhone lol! You mean getting new technology quicker and more customization options.

Truth Sorry but I wouldn`t use neither Android nor Iphones if I could. I would use more privacy focused ones Librem or PinePhone (if those were easier to obtain ).

Right cause spending $800 for a phone is definitely something everyone can afford to do

Most of us are too old for kindergarten class...

lol. left out of clubhouse. waaaaaaaa

You said what? No way. Android has great advanced features you don`t have on iPhones. I moved last year and was shocked. I won`t go back. I have a spare I use for CH. And they are building the Android app now.

Strongly disagree....personal choice ought not be policed


Privacy vs walled garden.

fu (i still like you)

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