Android sucks

December 3, 2021, 7:13 am
Android sucks
Android sucks. Its so buggy.

Apple sucks. You can`t customize anything. Welcome to what is effectively a religious argument. It is one megacorp deity with it`s rabid followers up against another... We need some cults to spice it up.

You have not seen newincometaxportal developed by This will change your definition of buggy.

what? fedora is great, very stable, one of the few that hasn`t f:ed up in front of me, I`m not saying Ubuntu is bad either, it has its own advantages, not stability though, fedora is quite stable and clean so it`s not as user friendly but I still love it

I wonder why so many people buy androids and don`t complain... Oh right the twit came from an iPhone

that can only be a joke. bugs r pretty much exclusive to ios

His not even lying , After updating to android 11 my phone overheats, and it`s super laggy.

The all perfect iOS like i haven`t used it before . Extremely poor in ram management. Open 3 apps consecutively and the first is closed. No on3 ever sees the down sides of iOS. Android and iOS have advantages over each other so keep your biased opinion.

Sorry but I can`t get the sarcasm.

LMAO I knew it was fake as soon as I saw the comments going spiral and some werent

6/128 phone user here with not even a Snapdragon CPU - never experienced any lags in almost 2 years now. paid 240 euros back in the spring of 2020, while my friend with his iPhone XR suffers a lot, and he paid way more.

iPhone notch fast class

thank you, i haven`t fallen in the bait B)

We all know that Symbian OS is the best!

You even got the Twitter for iPhone part right

Not in flagships

Lmao the replies are just sad

Exactly! android is literally so bad, even window is better than android. ios is miles better than buggy & hangy android

I get the joke, but get this. I use a low end android phone, I`m talking 4/64 with the MTK P22, it`s not laggy AT ALL unless you are trying to run NFS U2 through PS2 emulation, so my point is that android is very stable and any Smart device can and will experience lag.

Was using oneplus 6T.. didn`t experience any lag but overtime after some years the lag increased.. it`s been 3 years and I experience alot of lag... Switched to 13 pro a month ago.

Its really android but I feel like if google releases Fuchsia os to android smart phones and if it ends up being more optimized for the devices then it may persuade me to go back but then again apple always gets you with their ecosystem

looks like someone is using Xiaomi device

Lol I love both but I cant lie android has also been pretty buggy I mean not having a dedicated weather app sucked, and the YouTube app glitched. Material you some up colors wouldnt be synced until I rebooted and it was stuttering on my pixel even after enabling force peak fps

So is IOS, atleast android users agree that it`s buggy unlike apple peeps

Congratulations for using a Midranger or an Exynos device

Okay be honest, Not all Android phones are buggy, s21 series is incredibly fast and smooth.

You must not be using a pixel

I would prefer democracy over elite club

I`ve been using iphone 11 and Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra in my opinion both are good but iphone sucks a little but after new updates it may get better

Depends on which version

Say sike right now

I have so many problems with my Z Fold 2 registering touch.

So many dumb people in the comments

Buy the right android, your POV changes! OnePlus, Asus and Xperia been the cleanest and most functional in my opinion! Samsung full of bloatware! Pixel, damn Google releases prematurely! Chinese brands like Huawei and xiaomi spy on you!

Yes totally agree with you

Bugs are just a sign of further development needed. IOS however stays the same exempting the "next best thing" of that year. It eventually dies out and become a forethought.

I love how you bait these people everyone is so dumb!!!

Have you ever used a GOOGLE PIXEL DEVICE?? Use that first.

Speak for yourself. My note9 is miles better than my shitty SE that I just bought not too long ago.

your point of your reply to their reply?

Android is cool its just that I highly prefer iOS. Working on buying a 13 Pro Max asap.

Someone is fishing for I Phone Cmembers likes.

this is true, android is extremely buggy, iOS is too, sadly there is no stable OS for phones out there like the PC versions of Fedora and RHEL and LM too, Ubuntu isn`t that stable though

Well,I didn`t experienced that

Well it is rn because the android 12 is weird there`s alot of bugs because it`s a new software mine isn`t lagyy but keeps switching from 120 hz to 60hz

Its been two hours and people are already getting baited. Nice

I never experience lagg i never have buggs and i have good camera kwalitie on my samsung s20 fe

When does it happen? Specific app or home screen?

Fold and Flip phones are known for this stuff, it`s not an Android problem it`s just that they`ve just started making foldable phones so there`s bound to be lag

Which Android were you using?

Your point with the post?

Right??? Its SOOOO bad I have no idea how people buy Android phones.

XS has objectively inferior hardware but software really depends on what exactly you are doing with your phone

What type of lag are you talking about? Refresh rate, RAM, bugs...

Android user since forever, never experienced this "lag" you`re talking about Unless you`re here for likes

Operating systems are a gimmick

So it does with ios over time actually

It`s ok without 4G but I have unlimited data and don`t turn it off. The battery drains like crazy. The XS felt laggy for the first hour and now I can`t notice it anymore. Just not pleased with Android at all. The only sensible option I see is the Pixel phones.

App optimization was and is still miiileeess better on IOS. I charged my Flip 2x a day minimum. My iPhone? 2 hours in the evening. AND IT`S ON 87% battery health

My Flip 3 is in the drawer. Switched back to my XS Max. It`s just abismal how a 3 year old phone functions and lasts better than a few months old device.

No issue here, samsung android

Ikr I can`t wait to upgrade from my laggy Android and get a proper camera on an iPhone not a 20 year old quality

I get the sarcasm dude, thanks. Good day.

Great opinion that`s why I root. Samsung A12 is a train wreck regarding battery

Yes Windows Phone >>

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