Android or iOS phone? It`s very simple - iPhone

June 20, 2022, 7:57 am
Android or iOS phone? It`s very simple - iPhone
Android or iOS phone?

It`s very simple - iPhone if you want to show off affordability - Android if you want a customisable smart phone and want to live in the smartest ecosystem.

Android. iPhone is just the worst

Android Never use iOS though

If you are asking about the interface, then definitely iOS. If its about ease of access then android.

Android I desperately need a back button

Never used IOS so, Android.

Android, because ios has so many barriers like you can`t change the size of the keyboard, you can`t use mp3 for ringtones, can`t install 3rd party apps. Android gives you freedom to own your phone

Android. Because I can`t afford iOS yet

Both. I use Android, but I like having access to iOS apps that aren`t on Android.

The one that vibrates better

iOS cause it works all the time and talks to my macbook..

Nature, ditch the phone

I prefer Android for the developer accessibility. By far. But for fortuitous reasons Im stuck now with an iPhone 6S (and still carry an iPad Air 1 which keeps going) and I must say: what a great hardware they offer.

anything as long it suits my use-case, love them both.

Android since it`s got a lot better UI and UX since a couple updates ago. It`s still got way to go to catch up to IPhone but still good progress. IPhone camera is still superior for influencers/content creator needs.

Samsung S series android

Not a fanboy or anything, im still on original SE from 2016, might upgrade some time to 2020 or smth When it comes to coding, Im on PC and Win

android (Samsung S series)

iOS, like the UI and UX better, also data sync is a breeze for new device

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