Android lovers Huawei or Samsung? Tell me why? Huawei

November 25, 2021, 8:16 am
Android lovers Huawei or Samsung? Tell me why? Huawei
Android lovers Huawei or Samsung? Tell me why?

Huawei Nice quality pictures Change for 30minutes before the battery is full Battery last long

Huawei because of battery life

Huawei flagships are good on battery life and camera and Samsung flagship is good at the rest, literally the best of all phones with features

I don`t know If huuwei does thsi Samsung phones nothing I can really say it`s because Samsung been using it since E250 days

Huawei, had bad experience with Samsung Nge battery

Hauwei , more features with less price.

Huawei space and camera quality

Yoh this gonna be a arguement of a whole day Samsung battery. Problem. It over heat.. Touch itself... So nje for me huewei... My youngest brada is using my huewei P8 lite 2017.. The phone is still sharp n working perfect.. Battry still working lik new. Im telling you.

Samsung, better in every way, Huawei shouldn`t even be compared to Samsung they`re not close.

Xiaomi. Price, camera, software and security updates and build quality.

I don`t think Huawei is considered as an android device.

Harmony OS. More like a open source software from their IoT product line.

I guess Samsung going forth because of Google services/play store

Depends what you want from the phone, I have my own specs I want from the phone which is why I went to China for the phone I`m using.

Even tho Im on iOS ...I recommend Huawei tho it depends which phone you actually going for ,it offers good quality pictures nice battery span quite affordable and akho issues with storage nton nton thay side but for me its the chip as I use it to play online games

Huawei.. As for memory full delete some items with Samsung

Samsung I like Samsung earphones, keyboard and emojis Simple things

Samsung. Lost my Huawei phone and couldn`t track the device although it has that Find Device thingy. Heard wiith Samsung it is much better to locate it if it gets lost or stolen.

I got a huawei P40 and the camera quality is the best and the speed and I have used a Samsung before but it game me battery problems and I got slow everyday Huawei all the way.....

Huawei Best camera Advanced technology It goes wth the flow nje, Long lasting battery The list goes on

Samsung. Huawei is limited just like Apple. They use their own software.

It`s only a minute long Huawei because it`s smarter

Samsung, only because new Huawei do not have Google services and its very important to have them for kind of work I do

Samsung, Google apps.

Samsung is Everything

I`m using huwawawei damn the picture quality Samsung for me ..reason is just I trust that brand too much, nothing special but gud designs and strong phones

Samsung. Never been a fan of Huawei

Still Android,just no google services and playstore apps but there are ways around that

Huawei, better space and better battery life

HUAWEI dzalings it such a wonderful gadget to own, from laptop to phones and now the should just make all the appliances, I`m ready to just go with them

Am using huawei mate 20pro everything is perfect camera,internet speed, intswempu nje lephone

Do you guys know OPPO? I prefer yona than both of the above mentioned

Sumsung I just love it

Huawei I love it when I`m with amajita and everyone is complaining about their iPhone n sumsung freezing, storage or battery and I`m like confused cause I still have 61GB left, charge it once every second day and never froze, if I`m doing too much the app closes but not freez

Huawei... The battery lasts 48 hours, take beautiful pictures. Especially the huawei mate 20 pro Huawei The battery doesn`t fall pregnant Huawei b3 last Long better than Samson

Huawei pre 2019 while they were still on Android.. It`s still good but without Play store they have lost the edge

I got the love of Samsung phone from E250 - J700- Galaxy Pocket - to J1 - J3 -J4+ now S8 it never disappoint me now I`m going for Note

Huawei is no longer on Android, watchu talking about Huawei please I recently started using a sansumg and it`s better than Huawei

Huawei been using mate 20 Pro for 3 years now and still going strong

Huawei. Good pictures I ll say highway cos using it.

HUAWEI one way no u-turn

The old one`s. The one`s that are manufactured last year or late 2019 doesn`t have Google Apps ,you can only access them if you download the Operamini App .

Huawei... My problem is that there`s no Google. I paid for yearly subscriptions I cannot use on my phone currently. Some apps limit you cuz there`s `no Google play`. It`s honestly frustrating cuz I had a Samsung overheat and die on charger once so... You get it

I have both Huawei P30 Samsung A32

Huawei is the one! Exceptional with everything and it does overheat and has storage unlike Samsung memory full

Definitely Huawei. 1. Camera 2. Storage 3. ROM 4. Battery 5. Biometrics 6. Quality 7. Design 8. Sound quality And also, I`m simply just brand loyal!

Samsung tried and tested

Xiaomi Redmi Affordable Better specs Battery life Faster finger scanner Awesome camera

Android is not something you LOVE, its something you SETTLE FOR while your get your money right

I luv Samsung cause I shoot videos while I`m playing so the quality of sound is the best

Huawei has Good features

- samsung, reason I`m old fashion guy So takes me time to adjust to new stuff. - Huawei Sumsung fell twice then it was gone but Huawei fell hard manier times and is still here

I`m using Huawei now, its a nightmare

im in a permanent relationship with Sony Xperia

Sony, yes u heard me right Sony , they are all using cameras manufactured by Sony

Huawei, for space and picture quality

Samsung. I`m a fanatic

GOOGLE PIXEL. I know, it`s between Huawei and Samsung, but when it comes to phones, be it Android, iOS, etc, Google Pixel is my goto phone. Hands down.

Huawei because it doesn`t have Google play store no restrictions, if I want to use Google play I login via vmos pro.

Samsung, I can take pictures of myself using that pen

Samsung tried a different android phone and was disappointed.

Huawei , durable , reliable . own one , planning to upgrade with one regardless of them not having GMS

Huawei.. I havue used a samsung before... The problem I had with it was storage and the battery would drain faster, with Huawei I can download anything I want without any hassle including movies... Battery last longer... What I love about samsung though is the quality of the cam.

1st off. Huawei is no longer an Android phone. Since 2019. So I guess in this comparison it`s Samsung

Only Google Apps are not available n the Meta WhatsApp is now Available

Ever since I left Samsung n got a Xiaomi device I haven`t looked back, so yeah I`m good with Xiaomi

Can anyone honestly tell us if he/she ever had Huawei device freezing or overheating

HUAWEI P30 long lasting battery and a private space

Huawei. It gives you exceptional value for your small money. Quality pictures and insane functions.

I`m with Samsung,I bought my S8 plus in 2017 and I`m still using it as I chat now no complications whatsoever.Not sure if Hauwei can last for this long

Huawei, the user interface is different and yet much simpler compared to the latter. Incredible processor speed. Reliable battery. Powerful camera. There`s a lot of nitty gritty pro`s as compared to the latter.

But Huawei no longer Android phone.

Huawei You can call someone just by calling their name out Can answer it by putting it straight to your ears No freezing It`s light What is the Latest phone Not Tablet. I`m looking for One this December. I`m tired of Phone . I`m using P Smart 2021. No Google Playstore.

Show me a sumsang thats better that huawei mate 40 pro plus. Il wait.
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