Android >>>>>>> IPhone Selling my redmi note 9 will

June 6, 2021, 10:51 am
Android >>>>>>> IPhone Selling my redmi note 9 will
Android >>>>>>> IPhone

Selling my redmi note 9 will bey biggest mistake. Omo, na dis time of twitter ban I know say, redmi na baba, the only android that can dual task.

Read Thread You`re comparing software to hardware. Android vs iOS or Samsung vs Apple seems a bit more appropriate.

Its not that clear. It depends on your personality.

You tweeted this from Twitter for iPhone

A wise man is you

IPhone=security Android=Freedom

Guy are you programming to change your phone? Cuz youre tweeting with th opposite one

Especially Samsung....It`s a premium android

Iphone >>>>>> android But sometimes depends how nice the android is... If u before this using cheap android ... Its yaa u can overhype the apple ..

iOS >>>>>>>>>>>>> Android. Btw which phone are you talking about?

Yes bugdroid greater than ios

The both do certain things better.

thats why you are tweeting from iphone

Both devices have their pros and cons

In terms of system errors "YES..!!*

Bought an UMIDIGI for under $ 200 running android 11 from far so good

Having tested and made a review on Samsung S21 and iPhone 12 pro Max. Give Selfie and Night photo to Iphone 12 pro max. Give every other thing to Samsung s21 they deserve it.

The guy is just trying to give the Android users JOY

Specify on the android phone ,if its the latest from Samsung and xiaomi then yes

But you`re using IPhone tho. You can`t fool anybody here. IPhone >>>>Android

The only thing an iPhone have over an Android phone is the second hand value, buy iphone 12 Pro Max for 700k, you can sell it for 550k after using for two years, but buy a Samsung S21 Ultra for 630k, you will sell it for 150k after 6 months.....

It`s true. Both operating systems are great! But I love Android! My youtube channel has 7k subs, but for some reason, I have less than 100 twitter followers, half of them don`t even like Android! If you like Android for real, shoot me a follow!

Lmao...... Not people with less than an iPhone x taking a piss in the comments

Twitter for iPhone

My android is tweeting without vpn but had to use vpn for iphone

Una no dey hear word. Una still dey Twitter , they will arrest all of you soon ...

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