Android flagships aren`t smooth

December 6, 2021, 11:39 am
Android flagships aren`t smooth
Android flagships aren`t smooth... Yeah... The video was recorded at 1080 30FPS while the smartphones was running at 120Hz refresh rate xD

I don`t think they`re on par (but with A 12 they`re close) This is on Google and only Google can do it. It`s not like Google can`t but they have reasons. For example iOS animations are heavy and not all Android devices can handle those animations. At least that`s what I think

Most probably it was this There is one screen recorder app that has 120 fps

LOL the occasional stutter often happens in high end android flagships... IOS is much more smoother. Memeui is the worst android skin, buggy and laggy. Icons look hhorrible.Fandroids be like iOS is garbage even though memeui copies A-Z from ios but memeui is great

Try with screen recording

Oh it`s soo smooth

On par? No. Close, yes.

Warning : This video is not for isheeps

Why is this even a misconception? Using a flagship smartphone from 2018 and till date it`s better then most sub 25K phones

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