Android 12 is more aesthetic than iOS 15 in

October 13, 2021, 6:48 am
Android 12 is more aesthetic than iOS 15 in
Android 12 is more aesthetic than iOS 15 in every single way

I love how both of them have evolved with time, now stock android is no more boring

A bit of both with iOS I like

Android 12 looks way better imo

Android 7.1 vs Android 15 on Pixel if you cant see whats changed here, then you have no right to talk about aesthetics lmao

you`re indeed true Haha a dream right!

Ikr its beautiful with all that pastel look

I simply cant stand Android All Im saying is comparing the two means nothing coz personal choice already made

Yeah, but are ALL apps going to have a matching icon or are you going to have most installed apps looking normally, destroying the AesTheTic

iOS 5 vs iOS 15 Whats really changed here? It`s just different, not better or worse, and it`s great that we have choices. I`m on an S20fe and actually considering going back to an older iPhone just because I enjoy to use it more. Its about what feels right in the hand.

how many devices will run on stock android.? All companies Will come up, with their own UI!

That is also tru! BTW, I ruined 69 replies lol

I want this wallpaper provide link plz

Recently switched from android to ios. Android is best in terms of features. It gives you the freedom to operate. IOS has its own advantages like privacy,quality and the smoothness. A user chooses according to their need.

Apples simplicity won the race, never forget the fluidity of iOS is what makes it special than Android.

Both are different platforms depending on different Style Guidelines. Android follow whereas iOS follows Human Design Guidelines. iOS keeps it simple, easy to use and way better User Experience than Android. There is no way Android looks more aesthetic than iOS.

Android 12 is nice clean and has a youtube techie aesthetic but its not a neutral design that will appeal to a larger audience. Personally I find it too Cute and PlayfulI want my phone to be a tool not my sidekick.

iPhone 14 is better than the next 10 android versions My My My its 2021 and iPhone 6s is still getting ios update it was launched in September 2015, can android do that?

If only google brings it to all android devices and not to their pixel series alone which they sell only in limited countries..

Red herrings... ios devices get updates for 5+ year old devices without waiting an extra day... I hope tensor changes this frustration

Broke boi mode ACTIVATED !!!

Not having a clock that is actually a leaf is super outdated my friend. Icons that are the same colour as the background? Youre kidding?! Ill certainly decide my next mobile phone hardware purchase on the notion of a wallpaper aesthetic! God bless subjective opinions.

Nah it cant beat this Yo is android 12 out yet?

IOS is Sad not simple

And each iPhone gets 6yrs updates

Steve Jobs was about simplicity but he also liked keeping up with the competition iPhones need customization.

These Android 12 posts are making me really pumped up. Still waiting for global release ..

Windows Phone looked better... I loved that design.

Who is going to use a phone for 5 years! I am an iPhone 13 pro user. I dont have plan to use the same phone 5 years.

Android 12 is fleshy and iOS 15 is simple and easy to use.. so to each their own..

Well its an opinion not sure why you would feel the need to post your opinion on such a mundane topic but hey Im sure it helps the click count lol

In ur opinion * Learnt it after long time... Apple users like simplicity, they don`t want control over the system. They have low expectations too. They don`t like following instructions, it`s either you support it or don`t.

lol andriod 12 is just a cheap version of ios, you have to take some knowledge kid about design.

The only problem I have with the stock Android is the App Drawer design. My solution is that it would be better if it was transparent with the wallpaper but darken and shown the apps there. It would blend with the theme consistently, like in One UI. This is just an opinion.

alright, that`s YOUR OPINION haha

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I like clean lines and simple designs

5 years of security updates not OS updates.

True that I like both lol

Youre kinda right. However Im still using my iPhone on iOS 15 lol

Agreed This makes me hope iOS 16 will be radically different (probably not gonna happen but thats just me)

Not sure how I feel yet on the adaptive colour UI. You get so used to icons and their colours and now there`s this generalisation to the design.

As much as I hate everything Apple, Android is in no way shape or form more aesthetic than iOS, not even close. That`s not to say that Android isn`t aesthetically pleasing.

All flat design is outdated

I really wanna get Andriod 12 in my hands for real. It looks so aesthetic from all the ads.

There`s stuff about both that are great, but it`s great that two different philosophies are available. Android 12 is a touch too childish for my eyes but then iOS 15 is a bit boring, although more consistent. The new lockscreen layout in A12 though

Isnt that only security updates? Or is it actually real updates because if it is then thats incredible

Eh its all subjective

Can you link me the wallpapper?

Nah it doesnt look outdated at all. It looks simple and simplicity is what modern design is nowadays. Also a lot of curves and you tweeted this with iPhone!!! "Twitter for iPhone" Bro!!

It`s 5 years of security updates, however, we want Pixel series to succeed big time. More competition results in better service and products for the customers.

Says as he tweets from an iPhone

Meeeh, not that particular theme

Even if you feel this way, how many android phones get the "native" android UI? And also, how long will the new Pixels get the update?

Hows the resale value?

Lol no. Android seems too childish.

Material you is the only thing that will make me use an android, godamm very beautiful.

Honestly, Android 12 looks beautiful. Kinda itching to grab a Pixel just to see whats been happening in the Android space.

iOS looks as fun as a spreadsheet.

Is it me or the screen aspect ratio is 21:9?

And you ain`t lying!

I wholeheartedly agree.

I agree. Being a daily driver of both, I always find material U more aesthetic.

Bro what did iOS do to you?

Sadly major Android OEMs are either gonna create a version of Material you and screw it up or just don`t implement it all! I mean only 15- 20 per cent androids run close to Stock Android UI so why bother?

Android 12 is the best software I`ve ever used, and it`s still in beta.

Yeah agree. Android 12 looks really nice and aesthetically pleasing but you cant go wrong with the also nice and simple design of iOS! i agree. i enjoyed android 12 on my 4a but now switched to iphone

Just calling it like how I see it

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