And this is bullish in what way? @IBassplayer SO

January 28, 2022, 2:17 pm
And this is bullish in what way? @IBassplayer SO
And this is bullish in what way?

SO terrible and now to get another battery u can`t install it urself u have to give ur I Phone OVER to someone and they open it up! Lord knows what they do with the info extracted!

I have an Apple Six.I just had a second battery installed.

Same...I have Android, and the rest of the family have Apple phone. No Mac`s & i Pads, Apple TV here. I dont think we are a typical family. Tried Apple once and it wasn`t for me. Hate being tied into one ecosystem.

What kind of phone do u have?.

I don`t get it Torquato.WHERE is the:"value"coming from?Cook`s product is locked down in China now isn`t it?

Yeah,said he cldn`t deliver product bcse of it.

they haven`t provided fwd guidance in over 2 years, Tim Apple has Apple sized cojones to do that, plus it`s probably better for the market. MSFT pump came from the forward guidance and not earnings, probably a good thing they`re not blowing smoke up wall st`s buttholes.

These headlines aren`t giving the right context. Have a read of this article. I`m not buying Appl because I think they are overvalued. Bullish all the way as long as he keeps investors in suspense!

Its not but they didnt give guidance last quarter, popped 20% and now we have record s. They already made it the norm for removing units sold and now theyre getting away with this con job; eventually itll become the norm for them to no longer provide guidance.

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