An iphone charger cable, just the cable, is R499

February 7, 2021, 1:32 pm
An iphone charger cable, just the cable, is R499
An iphone charger cable, just the cable, is R499. How did we get here?

presumably, people like the ones in this thread buying iphones despite the cost justsaying

Ah yeah some stores already have

has some nice braided ones.

Still worth it. The fakes are useless.

Check out OneDayOnly. Ive bought my cables in bulk from them for the past couple of years. I usually get the LDNIO ones from them, but the fact that they sell it in bulk helps out so much. Life span- lasts about 10months to a year dependent on how often you charge your device. You can get an orico one that is braided from any computer mania for R99. It started when u bought an iphone

Nobody called them out on the bad grammar of `Think Different` so Apple figured they could get away with whatever they want. SlipperySlope

I had to buy a new charger for my apple watch because I thought I lost the one I got with it. it was R750. found the original one tucked away in a drawer a month later

"Nobodies supposed to be here" And with loadshedding you only get to use it like, once a week.

buy the car charger one at Mr Price, comes with the adapter and cable for R100 and it`s a fast charge cable/adapter.

I bought a Usb-c to lightning one along with a new brick-> Best way to save my cord was fast-charging my phone and not using it while its plugged in

Then the price came down. The last time I needed one, it was R699.

I have one word for you.... Xioami

Wait Ill bring your one in the week! Its already in my car.

IPhone, every single accessory or cable is 499 to 799.... Moved to Samsung Note years back. Not missing iTunes and never looked back. Now appreciate I have 2 dwarf bunnies roaming the house, they just look at a cable and it is cut clean off. Have to buy regularly, but cheap

Been using this one for about 2 months now. Pretty solid. You can get one for R100 that`ll last for THREE minutes. Great success

With a fantastic exchange rate

Get a fake one

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