Amazon`s workers in Germany threat with strike during Holiday Season

October 7, 2013, 5:40 pm
Amazon`s workers in Germany threat with strike during Holiday Season`s workers in Germany could strike during the Hodily season in a effort to get a pay raise, a trade union has warned.
According to the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, Heiner Reimann, head of services trade union Verdi said: "If I were Amazon I would not rely on being able to make all deliveries to customers on time before Christmas."
It sounds quite threatening, considering just how important for Amazon`s business is the Holiday Season.Reimann also said that only "serious negotiations" could stop the union from going on strike during the Holidays.
The union has already organized short strikes earlier this year in an effort to push Amazon into accepting collective bargaining agreements in the mail-order and retail industry as benchmarks for its workers` pay at Amazon`s German distribution centers.
Amazon has argued that it regards staff at its centers in the cities of Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig as "logistics workers", therefore pays them above-average salary by the standards of that industry.
A spokesperson for the German Amazon has said that
 that previous strikes had not affected deliveries to customers.But only time will tell what will happen to Amazon`s customer`s goods delivery this Holiday Season...
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