Ama with founders paul lindsell philipe comini

September 14, 2021, 2:52 pm
Ama with founders paul lindsell philipe comini
AMA with founders Paul Lindsell & Philipe Comini. 12pm UTC+1, 14 Sept $50 TCP for each Top 5 Questions. Rules Follow Like, RT, Tag 2 Friends & comment your questions below. Cryptogaming blockchaingaming NFT

Congrats to vecci333 on YouTube, who submitted his wallet address the fastest to win 1000TCP!

Thanks alot!

Sweet! Thank you!

will the application

Congrats to our AMA winners Congratulations, we`ll be in touch to get your details! Thank you everyone for joining our live AMA! Stay tuned for our next AMA. almost everyone uses a cellphone can we also play here? for example on android or ios, are the developers doing anything to have its apps?

Tune in to hear how you could get a mythical Founders Edition Prophets and Items and Philipe currently talking about the super, super scarce Legendary Prophets and Items! How will the team be able to handle whenever the game gets its exponential growth. Like handling bugs, DDOS(hacking), slowness, etc. Would appreciate your feedback on this. Thanks

How I know if I am one of the winner..?

how did animoca brands become an investor in crypto prophecies?

Joined and shared there..can you check..?

The guys are answering your Twitter questions right now! Join our AMA now! Where can I buy $TCP and What will its initial price be? Will there be several rounds of sales of this token?

Tokens from all projects have main utility & practical goals! So can you tell us what is the main role of your Token in the ecosystem? What are the real world utilities & use cases? LIVE! Join Paul and Philipe now! Is there any other token available in the game?

What do you think will be the biggest obstacle of the game when it`ll be available to the public?

You encourage the users to summon their NFT Crypto Prophets to start creating their own prophecy, can you tell us how can the users be involved in the history and art creation of these NFTs? Can anyone be a crypto prophet? What concepts and advantages has crypto prophecies built for its users that makes it different from other platforms? What benefits will it provide to its users? How will you give free to play players a chance or opportunity to play this game? Some don`t have money to invest but refer too much incase they could play the game. What are crypto prophecies top priorities in 2021? Can you share some of your plans for the coming year? Which part of the project are you focusing on most now? The next goal according to your next objective is the NFT pre-sale event, so can you tell us the details about when, where and how this event will be done? As we all know marketing is the spinal cord of every project, Will you explain your strategies to attract investors and new users to your project and to maintain them for long term?? bTCP tokens are used in the game. For registration, we receive $ 5 in bTCP tokens. What should I do when they run out? I am not very lucky in games and practical jokes and will use them up very quickly. Is it possible to purchase bTCP tokens in the game for crypto or Fiat?

Do I need to purchase or find magic in-game items to use spells? Can you describe the scarcity of magic NFTs? What structures and methods are you building for your project to expand globally? What services do you provide to the community? Then what is your strategy to build a strong community? Does Crypto Prophecies have any reward program I can participate in? It`s no secret that NFTs and communities are inseparable. Since Prophecies includes NFT characters in prediction games, do you think community participation has an important role? How can the community participate in developing this project? What made you think that this game will achieve the title of top 1 nft game ? Do you think you can surpass axie infinity? what is your VISION of this game after 2 year from releasing? I suppose that the rarity of the NFT is directly proportional to its value, but I would like to know what added value it gives to have magic costumes for Crypto Pophets? What are its advantages over NFTs that do not have runes? I read that Crypto Prophecies NFTs can be "upgraded" or boosted by the use of "magical items", so can you explain us a little bit more about this? There exist a max upgrade level to the NFTs? In the near future,Is there any idea on having own Wallet for TCP for more security on our Coins? Crypto Prophecies Depends only on metamask,Can you provide other Wallet or you`re own Wallet for tcp? What future expectations are there for the Crypto Prophecies game?

How will be sustained the inside economy to maintain token stability and make it grow?

Hi promising project, well done, how you guys going to protect the game economy ? its so common today that play-to-earn games are broken or exploited in a way that kill thr economy and the utility coin with it, whats your strategy? thank you In game , what will be use in buying in market, do we need to use two or three tokens like eth and matic. Thank you for better developement of the game

A simple question :when game launch?if you can`t determine an exact date please explain about the project progress percentage please don`t say soon or we are very close

You can live stream a match right on youtube AMA ?

I bought 1000 $tcp token for $200 doller. but now value droped 50%. Still I am beliving in your project. game release date ?????

WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE GAME MODES BESIDES THE PvP? Do you have any plans on bringing the game on iOs and Android?

Hi Paul.. Question example the game already released im planning to play it at work office and go home and play again is it okay to play TCP with different IP Address?? Thank you

Many people here wants to enjoy playing and at the same time earn more money. Can you give us some tips on how we can gain more profit in playing cryptoprophecies? And how much we need to invest to have a decent prophet in playing pve and pvp? Thanks in advance.

Does the speed of predictions increase the number of points in real time price prediction versus time? Is there a time limit for predictions?

What is the difference and advantage of the magic squares that we use to summon the prophet? Can magic spheres be customized by equipping them with powerful weapons?

My question is how would you prevent newbies in nft games to lose all of their funds(TCP tokens) inside the game? Does the game have tracker, say if you lose this amount of tokens you can not play for the rest of the day? We know that TCP is not a typical P2E.

Will the game model develop more major tournaments? And with the btc market falling like that, when the game comes out, how can you push the price up to attract more players? What is the online metrics you are you using to determine candlestick loser and winners, e.g. Coingecko, Coinmarketcap. How do we know its correct or accurate? We know that the great success of Nft gaming on blockchain to be really successful, the games need as many routes to play as possible. In the future will the Team explore different chains besides polygon to play. For example: binance smart chain

Will a good knowledge on Technical Analysis give you an edge in this game?

Gaining trust and keeping investors interested are vital in keeping a project sustainable, right? Moving forward, how will you keep people interested and the game competitive enough over other cryptogames and its peers? How will the game scale up and grow?

Hello, in the battles will the price and real movements of the market be handled for a specific asset? as is how prices move in the market? Or how will it be, what do they take into account for the formation of the candles? thank you very much greetings and successes

Does this nft game will go "to the moon" soon?

When receiving items the player can sell them on the market ? the prices of those items are set by the seller himself ? What is your Primary goal for this year? Can you share some of your future plans as well as your project and community development plan so that people will understand and build the project strong.

When a community owns a platform , it becomes more powerful. What steps are you taking to maintain control over community members` activities?

What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Hey, I have a question regarding Roadmap. Do you realize that there is barely half a month left to make these three resolutions? Are you able to do it? What`s your plan to stabilize and maintain the token in the cryptoworld.

What`s the use of different character class if the battle is just guessing the price? What is the use of characters in the game as the game is completely depends on the market price chart predictions What is the use of characters in the game as the game is completely depends on the market price chart predictions

I have found so many rarity type prophet nfs on your website. The doubt is about that the game is completely based on the predicting the price from chat in such case is the nfts will have any attributes or special abilitys and how will they useful in the game

its entering the 3rd week of September, isn`t challenging to launch the game with the 2 weeks timeframe? and how can manage the people lose confidence with your project as some people say it might delay because you`re not giving exact date of the release?

I am wondering about the long-term direction of tcp token and this game, what point of tcp token can makes me think to invest in the long term? What does the team foresee for the next 5yrs for this game?

How many Percentage and how confident the team that the TCP is going to the moon in the next few months??

What makes TCP unique from other NFT games? Your roadmap is amazing. It will be great if you implement it! Will there be registration for the betta and alpha test? Mobile games would be very popular and in demand, is there a test planned for Android and iOS applications?

You have several characters. Are these chars have strong, weakness system like other game element system? (Water stronger than Flame etc)

In the Future, How can you say that if many people come to play game (The Crypto Prophecies) and no one has experience a glitch and bugs. How can you prepare for it? And what is your goal for this? Thanks!

How can we trust your project that we can proud to share to anyone specially to newbie in crypto?

With so many games hitting the crypto sphere as we speak and giving the players and investors chances to change their lives through ownership and profit sharing how do you guys plan on separating yourself from the competition?

Will you be looking to add more races and items in the future?

if the game becomes successful what are your plans to keep the cost entry low for new people if the price of the coins skyrockets. What are your plans for the player economy? Will there be a tax on purchases that will go to buyback or marketing?

Will you be migrating to other blockchains too or will you be able to bridge your assets over to other blockchains as I see matic does have some congestion issues.

Whats the reason behind why we havent seen any real gameplay yet?

When im become a millionaire on TCP where the best tourist destination

Won`t matchmaking be a problem duration-wise when there is not much players playing? If yes, what remedy is in mind to solve the said problem? how are you preparing for the load of traffic coming to your servers? How can you ensure the UP time of the game for the investors

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