Am I the only one that rarely plays games

January 18, 2021, 9:27 pm
Am I the only one that rarely plays games
Am I the only one that rarely plays games on higher difficulty than normal?

The only time I chose to play a game on a difficulty different from normal was when I went for trophies back in my PlayStation days

Normal first play-through to enjoy the story or whatever. If its worth another play-through then it gets bumped up.

First play through is always normal mode for me haha

Tbh the only one I have is Bioshock infinite. Cause trophies and 1999 mode is just pure friggin chaos.

I always play on easy or normal. Im too old to bang my head against the wall for hours on a single part.

Nope, I don`t have enough time to play games at harder difficulty. Plus well, I`m heckling old and have slow reflexes.

I usually play a game on Easy the first time through, so that I can experience the story and world without being bogged down by focusing on combat. Then Ill play through a second time on Hard. And sometimes Ill push myself to do a third playthrough on the hardest difficulty.

I used to play games on hard-hardest. But now I have way less time and want to just enjoy my time. I dont care so much about achieving ultimate gaming prowess anymore.

I always play on normal

I just beat DOOM Eternal for the first time...on the second hardest difficulty. I don`t know why, but I always go above normal.

Depends on the game. Usually I`ll play it on normal. If I like it enough I`ll go back and play it on a harder difficulty. I played the Souls games (including Sekiro and Bloodborne) consecutively at the beginning of 2020 so that was enough challenge for me haha

Same. Im like, Yo, Im just here to have fun and chill in a world I can escape into... or further fortune my brain

I almost never do. The only one I ever did was Horizon Zero Dawn

I confess.... I dont believe I *ever* have.

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