Alright Twitter fam, I need your opinion Can I

October 17, 2021, 1:27 am
Alright Twitter fam, I need your opinion Can I
Alright Twitter fam, I need your opinion Can I use the iPhone 13 Pro Max as the main camera for my channel? I only ever use my Sony and Sigma lens for head talks, nothing else. Would this work? Obviously not setup perfectly, but well enough for opinion

Absolutely. Ive shot all of my videos since July with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and they look great! You can definitely do it!

Samsung S22 Ultra LEAKED RENDERS - RIP Note, America getting exynos?! iPhone 13 pro & Pro max - SPIGEN cases reviewed ! Watch a few videos on my channel and decide for yourself, every video ive ever done was on the 13 pro max or 12 pro prior to this September.

I`m going to say last video was done with my 11 Pro Max and my iPad Pro.

Im gonna try this as well.

If your channel takes off even more and you need something separate, you can upgrade down the line. This is a smart use of finances. You may want to end up using the Pixel instead (I am a little biased here), but the iPhone looks pretty darn good!

Haha, yeah you`re right, you made it clear. And you should know it looks plenty good! Not a significant different in quality. When you get the setup right it will look nearly as good, if not the same

So the quality is good, but the movement (Back and forth) on the camera I wasn`t a fan of. And I liked the look of your previous camera better, mainly because it was a little further back. Simply put: This would work great if it was steady and moved back a little further.

You definitely can!

Heck yeah. Especially if you use a mic. Audio is much more important than video

Looks great to me

Use epoc cam and your golden on that iPhone

Nowt wrong with that at all mate. You can adjust colour and stuff after in editing anyway but I don`t think it needs anything. Audio is good as well

That`s impressive for a first-gen feature then. It would be perfect for how you`d use it in your videos, IMO.

I like it. Looks good. Was this recorded in Cinematic Mode or regular video?

Do it!! Ive been using my iPhone 13 pro max as my cameramainly cuz Im too poor to afford cameras

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