Alright, show of hands ✋ How many of you

December 6, 2021, 9:41 pm
Alright, show of hands ✋ How many of you
Alright, show of hands How many of you have typed Laughed at an image in a group chat to not feel left out?

well single us out

The real question is how many are super annoyed when people laugh at an image or like a message. It just takes up more space on the text chain. Have a real thought or reply.

No I laugh that they typed that

Left out? Left out of what?

Never. But I hate group chats so don`t do those, so annoying.

My husband does that

Never typed it! But we have a work group chat where ONE PERSON is on Android & the iPhone reactions dont work, so we all get those texts instead of reactions!

Only thing to laugh at is your service

I cant believe t mobile has rep working who do not know what going on . Crazy

Yes possibly gonna start a trend like KK

Wait, you all have a group? Guilty 5G... I mean 5 hands!!

No, I have an iPhone so I can respond with HaHa! through iMessages.

Honestly, never. Now a , definitely.

Nope that`s funny though. Haha

Spend a bit more time answering your complaints maybe? Have been on hold for 2 hours and have tried via Twitter all week

I keep hearing Android will update the messaging app to display the apple reactions properly. I haven`t seen it on my phone yet.

me!! Not apples here

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